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    Help/Support ► Got myself in some Deep Sh*t!

    I just spent like 15 minutes reading this, and I have one thing say, and that is, lol.
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    Possible "fourth scenario"?

    Damn you and your logic, Audo.
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    That's not Braig... But I know who it is!

    THAT, is not Braig. You want to know who it is, you ask? I think Disney and Square Enix have teamed up with Bandai. THAT'S RIGHT, BANDAI! THE LIKENESS IS UNCANNY!
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    I'm guessing that...

    Erakusu [ Eraqus, Eraxus, whatever ] is, in some way or another, Xigbar. Why? I have no idea, but he just looks like Xigbar somehow... link: http://i722.photobucket.com/albums/ww225/Lissar/master.jpg (not my picture) If anyone else has posted something else about this, I'm sorry, but I just...
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    Looks like i was right....

    Not only are they released at separate times, but they're on different consoles... I don't see how this would affect Days' sales at all...
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    These are a few screenshots off of my emulator... Yes, I know it's illegal, whatever, I'm still going to buy the game when it comes to Australia. http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/99/l_e85ad063e9664e5d900b60698db6a201.jpg...
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    umm... help? advice? something?

    Okay... So, I'm looking through my received files 'cause my cousin sent me a screen-shot of something rather he did on a DS emulator... And I find a file called "Your Guardian Angel"... I don't remember receiving this file, nor do I remember making it... it's a word document, so of course, out...
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    Widescreen Wallpapers?

    Can someone tell me where I can get widescreen wallpapers for my laptop ?? /= Every wallpaper I find interesting or cool doesn't fit my screen, such as the ones on this website... Help ?? :mellow:
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    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    Yeah, I do, the point I'm making is that the Japanese pronunciation is different. If Xion is pronounced as [ shee - on ], then that means that Zexion is pronounced [ zee - shee - on ], and I don't think that's right... :mellow:
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    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    Umm... Yeah... And I gave the example of [ ze - ku - shi - on ], and [ shi - on], saying that they're the same, therefore Xion is pronounced [ zee - on ]. Is my case YET rested ?? :glare:
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    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    ^ Yeah, you're wrong... Xigbar - [ zig - bar ] Okay, the way that the Japanese had written Zexion in katakana [ one of the different writing languages ] is like this, 則区市で, and we say that as [ zek - zee - on ], Xion is 市に, which, if you look, is also in Zexion. [ 則区市で ] So, from logic, you'd...