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    Fanfiction ► Two Different Destinies

    constructive criticism is alway the best IMO it helps ppl know there mistakes... And I don't give excuse for why the fic is like it is. I just don't go threw and reread what i have wrote.. I may know tho.. Well like i said don't expect three so soon for college just started up on me XD
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    The organization that had a branch know as the D.E.A. which once stood for Deadly Enforcement Agency. There were two groups of three that basically fought to see who could get the most hits done in a year. One day the two groups were called and gave the same person to take out. The once semi...
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    Fanfiction ► Two Different Destinies

    Something i started to write because i was bored this is one of my first fics i want to complete.. but college may hender that plan. Chapter 1 The Twins Part In a land that has been tainted by evil for thousands of years, two twins where born and where prophesied that they would be the ones...
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    OMG WTF LOLZ members button task

    Ok since we are can have 3 images in a signature now i was thinking of putting a button in it so people can click it and go to our clan page XD Well we are going to make buttons they can be whatever size, of whatever, Just have fun with this the it will be due the the 14 or 21 (Depending on if i...
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    Fanfiction ► Crystal Seekers (PG-13)

    This is a fic that i thought of off a pic I found. I planned this to be a Rp but while i was writing the intro i found my self not being able to stop writting and i cam up with what i have now. Now I am not the best writer out ther this is my first fic ever to write XD. So please bare with me...
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    Haunting Dream

    ^thanks kingdomwolfblade!^ As the flame died down in the flatten village, stood a man in soild black drenched in a crimson substance. A hood cover all his face but his mouth. A evil smile speard on his lips as he softly spoke. "You shall not prevent this fate from happening. You are to come and...
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    I have a confession

    No KH did not have Riku's story like COM did it would have been kewl tho.. Hope that answers your Q.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    I think i know a way to tell if it is a fake if a gameshark does not pick up the three keyblades then it do not exist. I don't think they would miss the programming of this keyblades and KH has been out for years now don't you think that ppl in Japan will have already told us this?? So i don't...
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    Soul Calibur III

    For ppl that like the Soul Claibur games a thrid has been announce with over 25+ chracters and a create your own chracter! links http://www.namco.com/games/soulcalibur3 http://soulcalibur3.namco.com/ (coming soon) What are your thoughs ppl!
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    Not Final Mix, but Final Mix Platinum...

    Re: not final mix, but final mix platinum...... you do know that you would need a japanese PS2 or a modded one to play it.... AND i don't think ppl here would have one maybe just one person but i don't that you will just have to wacht ebay or import it from Japan..
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    The fight for the Jewels of Earth, Heaven, Light

    Three jewels have been passed down threw generations of three faimlys. The Jewel of Earth, The Jewel of Heaven, The Jewel Of Light. Many people seek the Jewels to gain power to over take the world. The three hold the power to bring destruction to the world. One man now seeks the three that the...