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    BBS official site update

    the gameplay videos are very cool. i really like how terra's voice turned out and aqua's too. i dont really know about vens because it sounds very childish.. but overall, its cool.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    if we have to wait till june, then lets wait till june. we cant do nothing about it except complain, and whats the point in that. but still, they must have a good reason to release it in june. i still have hopes for this game and im willing to wait till then, because i have other games to play...
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    NA demo

    i doubt there would be a demo.. but i would really like one.
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    New Interview From Rebirth Wings [Need Translation]

    thanks for the translations.. i really dont want to keep reading stuff about BBS because itll get me even more excited but the game wont come out for another 5-6 months x[. but it still good to hear about the future of KDH. cant wait.
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date thats too long. although it does give them time to fine tune everything, 7 months is wayy to long to wait. and i have high hopes for this game. just have to wait i guess..
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    New BBS Developer Interview Snippets

    yeah i agree. it might seem like future KDH games would prolong the series and make the series crappy but i would rather they ATTEMPT to make it epic rather than cutting it off after KDH 3. The xehonart series should end and they should have a totally different antagonist to make things more...
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    New BBS Developer Interview Snippets

    i was confused and i understood like 1/2 of that hah. but thats cool that bbs was before COM in the development project. is this all of the interview or what? thanks for the find
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    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania....(Update2)+cover idk why some ppl are complaining about the cover. it looks cool. its not GREAT but it doesnt suck either. i like the cgi but for some reason i like the 2d drawn covers like dissidia's cover, it looks like KDH. but yea this cover looks amazing. and this...
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    Birth by Sleep at 623K by 2nd Week

    that is really good news. its also promoting the psp so thats even great news for sony. im just glad that BBS is doing really. rite now, im just waiting for other reviews, im still going to get it either way though. also waiting for the release date like everyone else.. x[
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    Inunonanahou Interview

    thanks for the find. that was interesting. who is Inunonanahou again? i was hoping he would confirm some answers though lol. but its still very interesting.
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    NA release date?

    reading a few pages, all im seeing is people's hope that the game comes out between april and june. im apart of that wishful group too :D. but [like others have said] if the game comes out soon, the product of BBS wouldnt be as great if it would if it came out later. as much as i want BBS to...
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    BBS did better than Mario games (in BbS's opening weekend)

    Re: BBS did better than Mario games final fantasy 13 got a bad review from critics?? didnt it get a 39/40??
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    New Vids at Gametrailers

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Video Game | Reviews, Trailers & Interviews | GameTrailers.com there are 3 new videos on gametrailer. theres the japanese opeining cinamatic trailer and the music video. also there is the aqua gameplay as well as the keyblade trailer. if this is old then sorry, i...
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    BbS Sells 446k In First Week

    so i guess NEARLY 500k is good. although i was excited about "above 500k" notion. but yeah, thats still great. also, dont underestimate KDH. maybe it CAN sell up to the million mark and maybe it cant. some KDH fans are willing to buy a psp for the game. if i didnt have one, i would buy one just...
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    BbS Sells 446k In First Week

    Re: BbS Sells Over 500k in Two Days thats good to hear that BBS is doing good. any reports on how its doing so far? also, the reviews for BBS is better than final fantasy 13??
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    This game is not for children anymore

    i agree. although when i was.... 12? i got the game as a gift on christmas. i was happy that it had a cool looking character on the cover and it was disney related [appealing to kids]. i guess i wanted to finish the game because of the cool fighting system and unique characters.. but yeah.. i...
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    Poor Axel.

    i agree. out of 358 days, i think he is one of the best characters for some reason. they should make a small side story for him [im just saying]. it would be interesting to play in his perspective of things.
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    Check this out (A quick BBS theory I came up with in my downtime)

    your terra theory seems to be logical. but i cant comprehend anything else due to your picture.
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    playing order

    i was going to play terra first anyways. but i guess T.V.A. is a good order. plus the story lines are different so thats awesome as well.
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    Scores from Famitsu: 10/9/9/9

    those ratings are over the top. even for a psp game. this information is making me more anxious to play the real game.. x[. it should come out soon...!