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    super mario in kh

    wouldnt it be cool if super mario was in kh. it would be a perfect world. bowser could work with pete and controll heartless together to kidnapp peach and turn her into a heartless. i mean super mario was once a squaresoft game.."super mario RPG"... tall me wat u guys think.
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    look a likes

    has anyone noticed that setzer and Xahanort look a like..
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    the ending video...

    has anyone noticed tht in the ending video... that the big thing that disappears behind one of the warriors <or chasers> is the dragon looking ship that Xemnas was on? or to make it easier the dragon ship that riku and sora destroy b4 fighting xemnas again.
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    wat if kh3 isnt wit disney at all.....

    wat if the game gets too mature for disney so nomora <w/e> decides to leave them. i know it would lose alot of the young fans... but tell me wat u guys think.. i want disney to stay.. tell me if he should join anohter company ex. warnner bros.
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    light, dark or twilight?

    if u were to chose wich side u are on wich would it belight dark or twilight?
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    i beat him level 32. all i did was limits with goofy and use reflect. that wroks if you time it right. use reaction when defeating his water thingys. lol. dont use DRIVE bad idea. any organization fight your chances tripple in becoming anti-form.. so there that is my advice.
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    **spoiler** Xemnas a CHASER

    has anybody actully seen how xemnas looks like when u fight him sitting down on his thrown? hes dressed like the chasers in the ending.
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    has anybody noticed

    has anybody noticed that they left out the story of kari coming from radient garden
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    Is there any secret ending in KH COM??

    waite there is a secret ending to KH COM