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    I am not impressed by Sora and Jack Sparrow's VAs

    Yeah, were did you hear these???
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    3 org questions

    I've been told that guys name is Xemnas which is AnsemX....It's been rumored he's ansem's shell...but idk.
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    voice actor

    They both ****ing annoy me and neither of their voices would fit with Namine. So w/e
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    Ahhh I didn't even think about Xemnas being AnsemX switched around...Thanx!
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    voice actor

    Damn I hope Hilary Duff's not doing Namine's voice. She ****ing annoys me...
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    voice actor

    Eh, I'm not sure, but if we knew we'd probably already heard about it.
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    Random piccys + Better picture of new keyblade (Mini spoilers)

    Hmmm....Very nice, very nice Xaldin. You always find the best stuff!!!
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    KH2 Ending of disk 1

    Yeah we need a link so we know what the hell you guys are talking about
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    I'm not really into deformed cartoons....but w/e. She's pretty hot, though...
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    which enemy will be more annoying

    Excuse me, who's Seth? j/w...
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    Nomura said something about mickey..

    Re: I remember something nomura said about mickey **possible spoiler content** Yeah I don't really know....Hmm..
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    New Battle Scene Sora vs. Riku

    He got the pic from the new vid probably...
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    New Battle Scene Sora vs. Riku

    Yeah, so then that means that ansem can weild the keyblade, but how'd he get the oblivion then???
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    New Battle Scene Sora vs. Riku

    Well I don't really know. I'm jsut gonna wait until the game comes out because I'm probably all wrong and it's probably something we don't know about unless we play the game...idk just a thought....
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    New Battle Scene Sora vs. Riku

    It's probably Riku. Yeah he has his hood up and all,but maybe this is a different time. Plus he wouldn't have the soul eater because Sora stabbed his heart with it, so it's gone...isn't it? hmm..But really, I'm pretty sure it's Riku. No one else can hold the keyblades, but sora, riku, BHK, and...
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    supposed review..

    Those people are ****ng gay and don't know anything about anything. Gosh.
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    Leon and Siefer

    Aren't Seifer and his group in Twilight Town too? Then there would be interaction between them and Setzer...
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    What if Riku died? Will you be...

    I'd be devastated because Riku is awesome and he's supposed to have a bigger part in KH2 so if he dies then I guess we'll have to endure it. But if he doesn't then we can all sleep knowing he didn't die lol.
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    BHK name maybe

    If I was Nomura I would keep it secret too...Idk why I would..It'd be fun to watch all you guys guess what his name is...haha maybe he doesn't even know....!idk