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    The Keyblade War

    I will keep this post short. From information in the past apparently the keyblade war occurred far before the story of BBS. Now most likely these battles will have some important significance in the kh world but we will not see them first hand. To be honest, many people find that surprising...
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    Future KH game possibilities

    Now as many people possibly have read when Nomura has been mentioning the future of KH he dodges the bullet on whether the next KH project will actually be KH 3. Because of his actions i have a feeling that possibly Terra's story might not end with BBS. Now for sure we know that something...
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    didn't realize it before...

    Yeah we will be able to play Larxene first but i want to play as aqua more.
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    BBS Question?

    I loved the card system it actually made you think about your strategy in battle and made you adjust your fighting style for certain people. plus it made you limit the amount of crazy combos that people splurge on al the time. Last is the system was just so dam easy to master the fact that...
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    Confused about Roxas and Namine (Dont read if you have not beat KH2 or 1

    i thought namine was born after kairi lost her heart in destiny islands and that roxas was only born after sora lost his heart in hallow bastion which would make them have no relation.
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    #14s' Demise

    the girl probably just got clipped by xemnas or is in some kind of prison but who knows.
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    The UEM, Hearts, and a Zillion Keyblades

    lol these ideas seem at least plausible lol queen of hearts lol but seriously maybe he could be using an aero spell but who the hell knows he could just be using telekinetic powers and the force of the keyblades is pushing the wind within the keyblades but whatever.
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    Personally i loved the pride lands since it kind of changed the game play a little bit because you couldn't use drive forms and depended on special attacks instead.
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    Axel's Weapons

    yeah just like everyone said they are called chakarms
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    New Nobodies?

    man Marluxia's nobodies would be the best i mean come on they would have scythes and have cloaks on so you can't see their faces that would be sick.
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    i realized 2 things

    yeah i guess the whole sleeping beauty thing would fit the them and slap i wish i had a V8 especially a splash and oblivion no one knows what is going on so your not alone.
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    Somthing i noticed about BBS

    I'm just wondering if anyone noticed this but is it me or do aqua ven and terra look younger than they did when we first saw them in the KH2 FM+ secret ending or it might just be my imagination but they seemed to be like a year or two younger to me. Or it might just be the artwork and not how...
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    Terra, Ven, and Aqua's MASTER~???

    sigh who knows but there will probably be many masters or at least two
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    Terra is the true hero.

    i thought it was always xehanort for some reason but i don't know
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    Is it really Xehanort?

    Just to tell the whole giving proof to a theory doesn't make it a theory anymore and plus we know to little to prove anything now, theres no point
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    Possiblity of a third enemy

    AS we know everyone thinks that there may be a third enemy in the future kh titles. Also that the whole dissouled thing came up and was of course proven wrong because. A SOUL NEEDS A BODY TO SURVIVE so then the question is how could a third enemy survive since we have two enemies one of the...
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    How to get...?

    sigh everyone beat me to it and yeah welcome to the forums sigh i wish i got a welcome lol.
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    what did Roxas mean????

    Wow why does a lot of people ask this, sigh it's about how DIZ chose Sora to destroy the organization instead of him. He chose him because he had friends to help him and guide him while Roxas has nobody except maybe Axel. end of story
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    Larxene's anntena

    lol thats all i can say about this thread
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    the whole thing about forgetting about this thread was that i made it weeks ago or at least i thought i did and well i guess doortolight solved the whole terra problem so looks like i don't have to do anything lol.