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    underdrome: jiminy's journal

    can someone give me tips on how to comlpete the Underdrom section of jiminy's journal? (ex. 5000 points in Titan Cup)
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    kh2 ending - the dark beach

    Xaldin made it, the Xaldin. it's a theory that every world has a light side (ex. Destiny Islands) and a dark side (the beach in the realm of darkness Riku and sora end up in) which would explain how that bottle got from DI to the beach they were at.
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    Darkside of Worlds? (Spoilers of KH2 ending)

    maybe it is the Corridor of Twilight/Heart, but the only reason he saw darkness was because that is what was in heart (since he wanted revenge)
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    Darkside of Worlds? (Spoilers of KH2 ending)

    could they also be entered through the door to light, since they're inbetween/twilight?
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    Riku Replica-connected to artificial/emblem heartless?

    in the ansem report 7 , it says: now how is a heartless created? it's when people loose their hearts and they're overtaken by darkness. so: person-->looses heart and its darkness takes over--> heartless created now, that's for a normal heartless. if normal heartless and artificial/emblem...
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    Darkside of Worlds? (Spoilers of KH2 ending)

    that's a fantastic theory! i thought of it the other day, but i'd forgotten all about it until i read this. anyway, i wanna get my 2 cents in: Cent 1) was Destiny Island labeled a World Inbetween? if not, then perhaps the Worlds Inbetween (ex. Twilight Town, TWTNW) are both the dark halves and...
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    The saddest death in Kh2

    they all seemed sad, but something tells me they haven't died. i mean it's disney, the last time disney killed off someone good was in bambi. I have this gut feeling that DiZ, Axel and the rest will come back...
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    Not excited anymore..

    come on...cheer up...don't make me have to sing you a song....no really, i don't want to...lol, but in all seriousness, it said released; that doesn't mean that every place is going to have it. there's like a handful of people not on the west coast of the u.s. who have it. you're one of many...
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    sounds amazing :D!!! lemme listen to it first..... That was sweet!!! can you get all of reversed sanctuary online?
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    Not excited anymore..

    Actually, it's not the spoilers that are keeping me non-excited, it's the fear of thinking about it too much, then obsess over it, get no sleep, do badly on my first day of trig., and have my friends yell at me and beat the stuffin' outta me. once i get the game in my hands, no one will shut me...
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    Share the sadness

    you're not the only one. Most of us didn't get it on the 28th either. basically, no one got it on the 28th if they live on the east coast and reserved it from gamestop/ebgames oh, and don't double post, k? :D
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    Not excited anymore..

    I'm don't really feel excited, either. Usually, what happens to me before a big day for me comes (x-mas, my b-day, ramadon, etc...), i have no energy and don't really care. the next day, I freak out!!! actually, the reason why i don't have any energy this time, is that my friends threatened to...
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    :eek: Dear....god....This is amazing....this made my day...thank you!!:D i'll give you some rep, it's probably worthless, but isn't it the thought that counts?
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    SE diesn't care about KH2

    oh sorry, the first post doesn't show...does it? anyway, i was just saying that SE hasn't updated the official kh2 website. I thought that was funny...guess i'm the only one, huh?
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    KHinsider should give away some sort of prize to whomever uploads the intro first; like a little medal, or a bunch of rep, or somethin' cool...that would motivate a lot of us
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    Official Signature Strategy Guide...?

    the LE has everything the normal guide has, except it comes with a book filled with character drawings/renderings, etc... this will go into it further: http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/145244877.shtml
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    why'd xaldin get banned? has the whole world gone mad...der? Edit: oh...nvm....i've just gotten crazier lol
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    man, i have to go to bed at 9:30, and it's 8:56 where i am. Doesn't this feel like christmas, or at least the night before (for some of us naughty children who snuck down early and looked into the presents)
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    To most who pre-ordered Dance with Joy! (I hope it happened to everyone)

    xaldin really needs to sleep...we'll wait longer....she's earned it....and then some.....
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    name mistake

    good find