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    Final Mix Puzzle Pieces

    Hey Guys, In KH2 Final Mix I've Gathered All The Puzzle Pieces But Can You Guys Tell Me How To Get The Prizes =.=?
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    Certain Boss Fights.

    The Way Riku Is Beaten In The Video Above... SUX LOL Thats Just I Many Waves Of Spells zzz...
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    He Was Normal He Went Into The Darkness He Was In-Between He Went Into The Light But His Dark Powers Still Remains Umm Is This The Right Sequence :35:?
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    Chain of Memories Was the Best Game

    :angry: It's Really Hard To Pick Which 1 Is The Best LOL
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    Ideas For Secret Bosses

    Any1 Have Ideas For Secret Bosses In The Upcoming Kingdom Hearts? Secret Bosses Such As : Kurt Zisa In KH1 Agrabah Or Phantom KH1 Neverland Or The Ice...
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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    Terra Is Cool And It's Almost The Same As Xerra BUT Roxas Is My Fav Character And Ven Looks Jus Like Him ^^ ANOTHER BUT Aqua's A Cool Girl That Can Fight