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  1. Amalthea

    I'm back...I think...

    I should apologize for my extended absence to those who really cared. Idk if it matters to anyone that I've been gone, but I'm back now, for now, lol. I've missed the whole forum thing, but life got in the way. So...yeah...hi again, lol. ^~^
  2. Amalthea

    KHI hates me

    Okay, for some reason, KHI's not working here at the college. So I can't get on very often. If you need to contact me, email me at savvysavi@writeme.com or sdicken@jeffco.edu. You can also get ahold of me at fairyforums.proboards.com where my username is the same as here, Amalthea. I'm sorry to...
  3. Amalthea

    The Packs: A Werewolf RP {Sign-ups & OOC}

    The werewolves of the Litra Pack have grown restless. The wolves of the rival Retan Pack are restless as well. Both packs vie for hunting ground and mates, and both packs are in each other’s way. The two packs have dealt with each other for near a century, but now humans are starting to die...
  4. Amalthea

    An interesting opinion...in my opinion

    YOU JUST GOT oHg5SJYRHA0&feature=related PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!
  5. Amalthea

    Azrael Yaoi (Poll)

    Okay, so I've been asked to do a yaoi with Azrael as the main character. I need you all to vote who else is going to be in on the action, if you will. (Wow, that sounds dirty...Oh, wait, it is XD). Anyway, vote and comment!!!!
  6. Amalthea

    The New Sailor Scouts of Love and Justice {RP thread}

    Terra put up with the rest of the school day that had been ruined by her boyfriend dumping her. But that was life. Luckily, she hadn’t quite grown too attached to him. So she went about the rest of her day in an angry mood. When she got home, her mother didn’t help much at all. As soon as she...
  7. Amalthea

    Wicca and Witchcraft {Your opinions and beliefs} (no bashing please)

    I have my beliefs, which some of you know, but for those who don't, I'm a Witch. I practice Wicca and Witchcraft. This is also for those who are curious about it and have questions, I just really don't want anyone bashing my beliefs and those of other Witches on the site. Please, let me know...
  8. Amalthea

    *♥* The Coven *♥*

    Okay, so I'm a Witch, and I know a couple people who are, and this is a place where we can finally come out and just hang together. We can just talk about whatever, whether it's spells and such, or boyfriends/girlfriends, or w/e. Let's just have fun with people we can relate to, 'kay? Our Coven...
  9. Amalthea

    Fanfiction ► Green Eggs and Heartless

    I love it, Gil!!! That is so freakin' kewl!!!!!! *claps and squeals like a fangirl* Okay, that's out of my system. Great job, Gil.
  10. Amalthea

    The Other World {RP thread} (Still Joinable)

    Terra Moonchylde looked across the Scottish moors. She was standing in a Stone Circle, like the one the mortals called Stonehenge. She was supposed to be meeting with a few leprauchans here in a little while. When one of the little green fellows finally showed up, she was surprised to see that...
  11. Amalthea

    The New Sailor Scouts of Love and Justice (Sign-Ups and OOC) {retry}

    Controlled an Maintaned by: Azia On the planet Earth, a new organization has made itself know: The Edge. They have been watching every human being for years, claiming that they want to keep the peace in the universe. The appearance of the Edge has brought forth the new generation of the...
  12. Amalthea

    The Other World (retry) {Sign-Ups and OOC}

    LINK TO THE RP!!!!!!! The Other World has been hidden from the humans for centuries. No one is allowed to see it, or its beings that walk among the mortals. There are some, however, that can see these beings, the Seers. There aren't as many Seers as there used to be, because the beings from the...
  13. Amalthea

    Help/Support ► Alright ladies the GD needs your girl advice

    I'm not really sure what to tell you, love. I've never been that good at giving advice when it comes to relationships. I tend to have problems with my own. I do know that you are a great guy, Gil, and if she can't see that, then she's a dummy. (no offense, sorry). But just be yourself and...
  14. Amalthea

    GILDRAGON YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, so I want to write a yaoi story featuring Gil, but I don't know who to pair him with. So that's what this is for! I've never done a poll before, so I hope this works, lol. We'll see.
  15. Amalthea

    Riders of Dragon! We must retrieve the Dragon Stone! {OOC and Sign-ups} (accepting! We need peeps!)

    Controlled and maintained by: Azia and Omega Prime Some have been born with the Mark. A dragon shaped birth mark that says a child is destined to be a dragon rider. These children each find their dragon egg differently but each is just as important as the others. These eggs change the lives of...
  16. Amalthea

    Teh FC for Teh KKL!!!! (That's Kingdomkeylight)

    Dude doesn't have a fanclub, so I'm making him a fanclub. Because I can!!! And because he deserves it! Here you go, love. Enjoy! Teh Dude Kingdomkeylight Teh not-dudes Azia Shinra X-2 King Wolfe Tetsu
  17. Amalthea

    {New RP Thread} Riders of Dragons! We must retrieve the Dragon Stone!!!

    RULES 1. No PP's or GM (ask permission before or controlling any character) 2. No excessive cursing or swearing. 3. Relationships are allowed and encouraged, but please keep it PG-13 4. No complaining in the RP. If you have a problem with someone, PM me or Omega Prime and we'll handle it. 5.Try...
  18. Amalthea

    ♥♥Leaving for about a week♥♥

    Hey peeps. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be taking probably about a week away from KHI. I know I'm in a few RPs, and I have no idea what to tell you. Just do whatever you want with my characters. I might get on at some point or another to check my PMs and VMs, but I won't be on long. If it's...
  19. Amalthea

    ~♥~The Fran (formerly Tetsu) Fanclub! Because she's rockage!!! ~♥~

    Okay, so if you don't know the wonderful Fran, you need to! She's amazing! She's sweet, funny, pretty, and a great friend! So, you need to meet her and love her too!!!! She's complete rockage and you could be rockage too (if you join this FC)!!! YAY!!!! The All-Time Queen of Rockage Fran...
  20. Amalthea

    Riders of Dragons! We Must Retrieve the Dragon Stone! {OOC & Sign-Ups)

    Controlled and maintained by: Ami-Chan and Omega Prime Some have been born with the Mark. A dragon shaped birth mark that says a child is destined to be a dragon rider. These children each find their dragon egg differently but each is just as important as the others. These eggs change the lives...