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    EU Version of DDD only with English, French and German subtitles.

    wow, well that's strange to just stop subbing in those languages... I can't really feel the hatred or feel with you since I would not be able to stand it if it was subbed in Norwegian. Still, that was a bit of a strange move by SE there.
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I think in Norwegian D8 and my sister actually thought it would be somewhat smart, seeing as no one would expect it XD
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    My sister thinks it's Dolly.... but then again she thinks Minnie is the bad guy... we even photoshopped a picture of it
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    What's your favorite battle music?

    I know that they are old, but I still don't think there is much kh battle music that can top Vim and Vigor and Rowdy Rumble on my list 8D
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    Something unexpected

    I live in Norway, and I hope I'm getting mine today... haven't gotten it yet... Maybe Play.com is just slow...
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    BBS Preperation!!

    I did some more preperations last night... I managed to delete everything of my memorycard/stick... so now my sisters are going to hate me for deleting their Dissidia saves XD but more space for birth by sleep then XD
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    BBS Preperation!!

    well europe get in on a friday, so I can play all weekend, I'll charge up the battery while I'm at school then I'll sit in a corner at home where noone can bother me and play 8D
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    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    I think I like Xion best, I'd like her better without the whining thoug... then it's Naminè then Kairi from khII with more personality and longer skirtdress thingy she'd be higher up though...
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    Hades Paradox Cup: Cloud and Leon

    I watched some videoes (haven't tried to unlock the secret ending so I haven't tried that cup XD) but It looks like it works with spamming Blizzaga and just dodge the attacks when you are waiting for the MP to get up
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    what day are you on?

    I'm on day 74 but my dad says I can't play more than two hours a day so that sucks Dx
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    I didn't like him in days (or as far as I've gotten) but he is the voice who fits for Roxas, and I am looking on what they look like so I'd say he fits for Ven too. but his voice is changing which means that he might not fit anymore when days comes out, so if they find someone who's as good as...
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    SE Page Updates With New Wallpapers + Fan Powered Q&A

    I can't register D8 I don't live in the U.S so I can't say what state I live in D8
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Strategy Guide

    I don't like strategy guides (never had one, needed it once to find a chest in TWTNW) and I don't think I have the money...
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    Am I the only one here who thinks the Days fan dub sounds abolutely

    just like most people here I at least dislike it very much... one of my friends are doing Rikku fandub and said that I should be doing a Yuffie or Yuna fandub, I was like no.... I don't like fandub when others do it so I'm not gonna do it... I think she got sad or something...
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    Monstro:most confusing thing ever?

    I used a walk through once I got in there, both my friends got stuck there and one of them had already played through 3 times before that XD
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    BBS in the Tokyo Game Show

    I want a release date just as everyone else... And I wanna know which characters that will be in the game not just main characters and of course game play 8D
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    I wouldn't say it's a bad combo you get more magic faster with the staff, but with the shield you get better defense faster... I myself always took the sword/shield combo...
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    Yay XD

    Tired... Buuuuuut I turn 14 in a couple of minutes 8D I just wanted to make a thread about it XD
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    So who HASN'T played Days yet?

    I haven't played it yet but I really wanna play it D8