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    Another Terra being Xehanort Thread

    lol i thought i seen this thread before :lol:
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    Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    yeah i doubt that too:glare:
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    Do nobodies age?!

    i tend to think they do age when there true self ages as well?!?! don't you think:confused:
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    358/2 days

    yeah same here
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    Something i notices about the DS.

    It's a girlish body shape :thumbup: oh about the talking on the Days i don't think so far........:confused:
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    Ventus - The Roxas Look Alike

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    So, Is Xion the next Kairi?

    True true
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    TGS KH

    ■ Sleep-by berth Kingdom Hearts One of the main character, Aqua's debut battle scenes. Final form of the II to float in the air, to mention a AYATSUっKIBUREDO. Cinderella and Snow White are in the world such as Aqua's event scene. ■ Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days (Three Five Eight Days Over...
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    Is it worth it?

    Kimba147, if you're also Riku12940?? are they spammers?? :glare:
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    358/2 days secret mission all along

    nan don't think so.....:closedeyes:
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    BBS Multiplayer - Versus or Co-op?

    BBS or Days Multiplayer Well just kill the feeling of the game for me:scared:
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    Saved By Mickey anyone?

    Only once with Xaldin^^ you can do it King Mickey :thumbsup:
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    Org. 13

    Yay it would be nice :blush:
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    Ven theory

    Same here:thumbsup:
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    R-K this is for you

    Ok i been reading over many Thread and everyone starts off by saying (**R-K**): "But, let's take a moment to look at it in a different way shall we? or something to that affect.) why do people make up dumb comment like that truly its over rated :angry: people please understand its a thread, for...
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    rock on bro :thumbsup: its not about the graphic but the game play,story,and how many hrs you play it. That makes a great game not graphic's:mellow:
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    New 5 Seconds Of 358/2 Days

    Ya it looks more improve and better:idea:
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    Hey Hey Read me

    Hey i just see this video and let me know what you think? so far sure its a mock but it kinda make since for some odd reason. As you can see at 2:35 in play time you can see lil Sora and Riku playing + the thing that threw me off was the ended was Ven talking to Riku:confused: <object...
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    Terra has a Final Form

    i was in youtube and i just saw this for the first time can anyone please tell me WTF is happening here + how many time do you fight him in the game this like 2nd video i saw they fight in :idea: YouTube - Terra in Final Form (Desperation Move and etc)