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    mickey in timeless river

    Pete isen't his classic self though he has his same costume he has in the whole game but just black and white.
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    Rumored Worlds You Want

    I would have to say sword in the stone I think that would be a perfect world for the game.
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    The best org. member so far

    Luxord is the best so far to me.
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    who would you rather fight alongside with?

    Mickey he looks pretty cool and will probably be a good fighter.
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    Lion King love?

    I can't wait to play this world I think it will be cool to play sora in his lion form.
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    Squall in the LK scan

    no way is that cloud his Buster Sword is much wider then the one on the pic, it is leon
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    Squall in the LK scan

    yea it takes a while to load in but you don't even see squall you see what I think is part of his gunblade but I think the only thing new about him is that hes now wearing his FF8 costume.
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    Zidane and Vivi ( FF9 ) in KH2?

    well just because there the same model as in ff9 can be 2 reasons it can be he asen't made there new models yet or he dosen't want to show them.
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    Will you import?

    I'm gona wait for it to releasse in my region cause I would't want to play it in Japanese cause I won't know whats going on and that takes away from the game.
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    Zidane and Vivi ( FF9 ) in KH2?

    Vivi is really cool hes one of my favorite FF characters if he is in KH2 it would awesome.
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    Just how much r u gona buy KH2 for?

    I put 100$ cause no matter the price I'm gona get it cause so far what I know about the game its worth it.
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    What do you guys think about King Mickey Being evil?

    yea I agree with Jake blade I dout disney would let it happen cause its on of disneys main characters and it could hurt the mickey mouse image and the youger kids might get the wrong impression.
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    BHK party

    holy crap that would be awesome if that was true and it might be true it could explain the long delay for the game because there are 2 story lines but a part of thinks its stupide cause if they do that its possible it could screw up the story.
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    New Worlds?

    Well isen't the Black and White Steamboat Mickey Mouse (forget name) gona be there cause I've seen the black and white mickey mouse in a clip.
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    What do u think about Atlantica's return?

    OMG well they better have improved this level and the controls for it cause that level was horribul but none the less no matter what I'm gona have to go threw it wether I like it or not when the game comes out.
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    hi I'm Genisis well I'm a big fan of kingdoms hearts so I'm sure that I will enjoy myself here.