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    Black Holes/Space Time Continuum.

    So I wanna know what you guys think about it. I've always been interested in these kind of things.
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    How Fast Can You Beat Sephiroth?

    proud - 4:30 Standard 2 minutes and somthing beginner : 41 seconds.
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    Thank Namine

    wow i didn't know that =p. thanks
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    star seeker 2

    theres no star seeker 2 =p .
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    What was you favorite worlds on kh2?

    didn't we already hav a thread on this subject ? as for me i prefer Radiant Garden
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    A Missing Letter?

    the world may never know .
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    one winged angel

    yeah there is a card .
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    bosses and you

    uhm .
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    AR Codes (they work)

    pwetty sweet i must say .
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    Finding Cards?

    for the cloud card jus break barrels in the Colliseum and buy moogle packs
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    cuz they were uber gay =p ... actually uhm ^ they said it pretty well
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    How long did you guys wait

    i got it when it came out ? =p .
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    what do you do

    i got 22.46 . + i jus use Codebreaker or Armax( yes i have both =p) and do random things
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    SoulEater/Way to Dawn

    that must mean that Soul Eater is a "special" wooden sword
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    Kh3 combos

    i joined on saturday =p .
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    never happened 2 me .
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    Kh FM+

    uhm jus google swap magic on google. and buy it online. EDIT:yah what ^ he said lol he posted b4 me
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    i found a few funny things about kh 1

    o yeah i saw a vid bout that on youtube.
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    i put all premium cards in my deck .