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    If You could combine 2 keyblades from KH/KH-2-What would they be & Why?

    i would combine ultima weapon from both games to creat some sort of super ultima weapon...........haha.......lol
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    kh2 ending - the dark beach

    I think that it is the realm of darkness............
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    wats your fav drive?

    Its all about Final and Anti Form.......... light and dark right?....*_*
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    wats your fav drive?

    Its all about Final and Anti Form.......... light and dark right?....*_*
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    Could someone please tell me how to defeat the boss in the Assault of the Dreadnaught...... I keep on bulding new and stronger ships but i cant seem to be able to beat it..... Sorry if someone already posted this..... thanx in advance.
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    Wisdom Master and Final ALL THE WAY
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Roxas, Axel, and Luxord
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    Least Favorite Heartless or Nobody.

    I Hate Berserkers..... God I Hate It When Does <bleepen><bleepers> Start Jumping Up And Down!!!.........
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    Sephiroth. :mad:

    I wouldnt mind fighting him again but only in the coliseum........ so that it wont interfer with the story line........ I am still saying that he should have been harder.!!!
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    alternate ending

    Dont even trip about beating sephiroth he is soo easy even in a level like sixty!!!!
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    HAHA This is Funny...

    Your soooo lucky to get to see the commercial even though i beat the game i always wanted to see it. if anyone out there knows where i can watch it please tell me. THANX A BUNCH in advance.
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    will still never know zexion weapen was

    Zexions weapon was to control others to do his fighting....... so i guess you can say that he was a lover not a fighter.
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    Lv 99 sucks

    it is easy just 1) use the trinity limit against the tough guys 2)use the glid ability to run away easy enough!!!
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    My favorite character hands down(a side from the all powerfull Sora) is Axel just because he looks sooo cool!! Got it Memorized!!
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    Whats your favorite thing about kingdom hearts 2?

    My favorite thing about kingdom hearts 2 is the fighting....... valor and master form rock....... i still havent gotten final form but i am going crazy with the master form..........i just got it and i am using it every chance i get.X)
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    What Level are you on?

    I am on level 36X) in PROUD mode.... I just took down about 1000 heartless....... Master Form is super sweet.........&)
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    BHK's name

    No way.... they cant do this to us....i hate life!! (this is ganna be me if that is true)... I think that you are right because they cant have a good reason for not telling us BHK's name... unless they like to toy with us...lol...:cool:
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    Lets get this over with!

    SORRY IF THIS HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE BUT I NEED TO KNOW!! Is Kingdom Hearts Darkness or Light? I believe that there are in fact two Kingdom Hearts.... Let me explain... The Kingdom Hearts we saw in KH1 is the Kingdom Hearts of Light that leads to the Darkness... and that would explain the...