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    WHATDAFu..'S OF kh2

    It does NOT fit and isn't consistint with the rest of xemnas dialogue Oh and here's another one: Xemnas: why do you hate the dark? Mickey: aww...we dont hate it. It's just kinda....scary" ....just...kinda......................scary.....*dies*
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    WHATDAFu..'S OF kh2

    There are a lot of scenes that had me cursing the script writers...most of them were axels which is a shame cause he's one of my favorite characters. Things like: Axel: But I disgress...go find kairi.. WHY?!? T-T And I dont like his "got it memorized" catchfrase either. Also: Xemnas: Denizens...
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    100 acre wood AP boost help

    Im working on finishing the 100 acre wood part of Jimmy's journal but I cant find an AP boost thats supposed to be in the spooky cave. (*takes deep breathe*) The guide says it's in a chest at the end of the tunnle you start in but before the central room where the tunnles connect and its in an...
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    Not excited anymore..

    Im not excited either but I dont think its cause of spoilers. I hate to say it but I think its come to soon...ya' know. Like "I can't believe its finally here".
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    ....I hate EB... -after school, after I went with my friend to get her new atreyu CD I walk into EB fat-bald-guy: "can I help you..." me: "um...yes I pre-ordered kh2, can I pick it up now?" fat-bald-guy: *sigh* (in a very annoyed tone) "WELL...if you PRE-ORDERED it then you should KNOW when it...
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    It's been a long 4 years

    I think the best part was when the opening scene got on the internet. Thats what got everyone really excited! I never did post much (obviously geez I think I have a total of 50 somthing posts and I'm an older member the most of ya) but I hope this site will stay up until kh3 comes and until that...
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    Language in kh2? What was SE thinking.

    lol next thing you know kairi will be sayin "OMG! Like, tottally, gag me with a spoon!" XD ...I have no idea how this is relavent...
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    you gotta see this

    *rolls over laughing* I was browsing through ebay just to see what I could find and I stumbled across this... its a sora cosplay outfit!!! XD http://cgi.ebay.com/SORA-Kingdom-hearts-2-Cosplay-costume-necklace-BEST_W0QQitemZ6028729019QQcategoryZ88927QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohosting AHHH...
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    downloading the opening...

    can anyone tell me where I can download the opening without using filefront or youtube? It would be much appreciated.
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    The Order so far...

    (O-O) weapons galore!!! But very nice. I was hoping to find something like this, (its kinda hard to put together all the info insider gives out and its not like they update their character lists and stuff).
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    weird kh dream I had

    Ok I have crazy dreams on a normal basis but never with an actual theme so this is EXTREMELY wierd for me. I mean usually I have dreams about sheep acrobats, or a teleporter in the middle of my school, or a ring that detects the evil vibes of guitars, but they were never actually about...
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    Whats the name of that one music video...

    It starts off with this naked guy coming out of a pool and hugging a bear or something (and he's singing the whole time) and their on a space ship and get attacked by a giant squid and their wearing these weird 80's costumes (or whatever decade). I cant for the life of me remember what its...
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    Fanfiction ► Point of view question

    sorry If this is kind of an odd question but I've been thinking about it for awhile now..What kind of point of view is it when the subject is "you"? Example: You go to the fridge and grap a Dr.Pepper. You've never really had a preference for it but since its the only thing in there and your...
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    In my opinon, I think the Lion King world is going to be lame.

    YOUR lame, lion king is going to be awsome
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    kingdom hearts final mix

    I'm thinkin about gettin it for christmas just for the hell of it. Do I need a japanese ps2 to play it?
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    sora's room (wait!)

    ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I NEVER said I drew it! If I was going to try and do something like that I would have posted it in the art section (and would most likely be in water color but thats besides the point)! Besides it dosen't even look like my artwork! Dont get mad, I just wanted people to see it...
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    sora's room

    I guess this should go in fanart but o well: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v352/sorakeyblademastr_unknown/KH2%20Artwork/9deadfb8.jpg it's cute
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    Please Please PLEASE dont hurt me but I have a theory

    Look, Im not positive, its just I thought, I want your opinion NOT your hate, if I'm an idiot please keep it to yourself...Ok here it goes...I never understood the meaning of the "secret waterway" in traverse town and it has all these weird symbols so....do you think it has somthing to do with...
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    I'm looking for a fan-made trailer

    It was a combination of real trailers with utada hikari's "kremlin dusk" in the background. If anyone knows what I'm talking about could you give me the link please I've looked for it EVERYWHERE!!!