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    Final Form Selection?!

    ok final form's ability is glide. Once u level up final form to lv. 3 Sora (normal) recieves Glide lv. 1 and it levels up as u level the form. k? just like high jump and valor.
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    are you excited about kh2

    dude would we be on here for this long and not be excited? use some common sense
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    cure spell question

    it makes sense since now items are more of a necessity. Curing is somthing that u wouldn't use all the time. What I wonder is how the spells will be upgraded
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    drive modes

    I say Final because of the look. I mean two keyblades on ur back while ur shiny and floating! u can't go wrong. Then ther is master and valor.
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    Best Buy Kingdom Hearts II Ad.. ( Large image )

    is the LE guide cheeper ther? if it is I'm gonna get it from ther.
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    yay for u. u wer right. yipee. let's hav a party in ur honor. NOBODY CARES!
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    What would you do, or say!?

    ok here is what I would do. When I hear the news I will stand gaping at the newbringer for 5 hours with my mouth open and my eye twitching. I would then after the 4 hours of gaping go to my house and kick things while screaming. After my kicking rampage I would go down to the hospital and get a...
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    snow white instead of alice

    yay for no confusing cutscenes in KH
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    Oh my God The controls are screwed up!

    Dudes this is the controls for the Japanese version. NA version will be same as KH ok? Stop freakin
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    Keyblades Question *No Spoilers*

    isn't the ultima new since it looks diffrent?
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    nope. the song isn't out yet.
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    Who do you like more Sora or Roxas?

    Sora! Roxas isn't well enough developed but sora has a history. Yea! Sora is the original
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    u don't hav to get the LE guide. u could get the regular one. just as helpful. $10 less than the LE guide and all u miss is Artwork that will probably be posted on the internet.
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    Its about time!

    right besides this ummmm old news....what is the point of this thread?
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    Kairi or Namine?

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    Kairi or Namine?

    umm since ther video game characters this is odd. then again I chose Kairi cause she is HOT. in the first she was just cute (like little sister cute) but the maturity is hot. Namine is still little sister cute
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    play as

    ummmm I'd say Cloud, Roxas (full), Riku (full, his story), Mickey (full story)
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    Need facts....

    28th now can someone close this?
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    countdown to kingdom hearts 2!

    ok then I will: 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...blast off! o wait wat r we counting down again?
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    When will you get KH2?

    29th cause to be honost I don't wanna fight the crowds when I hav it reserved