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    OMG!! BBS never make me stop being amazed!!! I really want it now!:36:
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    :angry:Argh... I hate people saying that Eraqus or Erauqs is Xigbar's somebody...IT'S NOT!! His somebody's name is Braig and he's one of AtW's apprenctice! Why would an apprentice in the Land of Departure... It's strange! I agree that Braig and Eraqus could have connection, though! (Not Braig's...
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    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    OMG! I like that dude! I think he can kick asses! I want to know what is his fighting style!
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! So... here's mine... I think it's bad :cry:...but it's my first try!:36: KHInsider Forums - ~Oblivion Keys~'s Album: Anything... - Picture
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! Is it open for Indonesia?
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    of course! I want to buy it and it looks more interesting than days....
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    Dengeki Games Nomura Interview Translation

    I CAN'T WAIT!! Thx though for the translations... ^^
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    New Gangan scans

    LOL! Playful and toying! Kinda connected!!
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    HQ Renders - Terra, Aqua, Ven

    Is it just me or aqua's skirt look like Yuna's?
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    BBS Info in Dengeki PS

    wow! I never figured Ven is THAT short!! I wish I can understand what's the meaning of the article... T_T Can't wait for BBS..
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    358/2 english demo

    I always wanted to have the figurines. necklace, and the key holder..... And I was kinda shock to see the graphic... Usually, the graphic of a DS is not good. When I see it, the graphics were shocking. Too good for a DS... It make me more eager to buy the game...
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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    Ven..... He looks mysterious to me....
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    358/2 Days TV Commercial

    I LIKE THE COMMERCIAL!!! IT'S SO COOL! I wanted to play that game..... I've been waiting for a long time...
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    Could Allwines death delay the English release of Days?

    Rest in peace... I hope 358/2 days would not been delayed because I'm sick of the delaying..
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    KHBBS Armor

    Good idea! Never thought of it!
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    Organization XIII

    I like Luxord. He has the most unique weapon of ALL!!!! Btw, poor poor Xaldin!
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    1 more friends card....(Spoilers)

    thanks for the info!^_^
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    It was good. It was quite challenging and fun. WAY BETTER than the GBA version! I've been wishing to play it and it came true!
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    1 more friends card....(Spoilers)

    I need help. Did you know all of the friends card in Sora's story? I'm just missing one and I don't know who it is! PLEAASE! Someone help me D':I got Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, The Beast, Jack, Ariel, and Peter Pan. I don't know what is the LAAAAAST! Help!D':
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    Same here! What I liked most is 1000 heartless battle because I can go insane! Others are Axel as Roxas cuz can use 2 keyblades, Xemnas Final (There's Riku!)