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    The story of two friends and the Evil Sword

    Chapter 1- Let's join the army Two people are chatting, the camera is zoomed up to their faces and they are back to back. The two characters names are Leo and Victor, Victor is about 20-23 and 5'8' and has a short blue spiky hair and has a horazontal scar above his left eye. The other is named...
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    A remake for Resident Evil 2

    Wouldn't it kick @$$ if they remade RE2 just like they did to RE1 for gamecube. I've been a fan for the series for a while and I still say RE2 was the best out of the rest. RE1 was allright but the remake was great. RE0 was great I give it a 8.5/10 RE2 was the best:thumbsup: RE3 well...its...
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    extra scene in Reverse Rebirth

    did anyone translate this yet
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    The fourth keyblade therory

    First lets recap Sora's keyblade is the key of light Google Image Search Mickey's keyblade is the key of darkness (bear with me here its the best pic i could find) Google Image Result for http://img420.imageshack.us/img420/876/mickeylg8dp.th.jpg those two are very similar but different color...
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    extra scene in Reverse Rebirth

    got it. someone translate YouTube - kingdom hearts re com extra scene reverse rebirth
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    extra scene in Reverse Rebirth

    first let me beat Xeahnort. After I do then I can go to theatre mode
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    extra scene in Reverse Rebirth

    I made it to the scene when Riku finsishes Twilight Town and meets up DiZ. The extra scene was before Diz gave the card of castle oblivion to Riku, DiZ gave Riku an orginazation XIII cloak. He talks about it for a minute or so but I need the translations of what he says. Does anyone know what he...
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    Help with mushroom 11

    strange. Wisdom form max level isn't 4 its suppose to be 7. did you unlock final or did you forget to level up valor first. The best place to level up wisdom is at hollow bastion at the balley to Ansem's study. use thunder to kill them quicker
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    step 1) go here http://www.ps2savetools.com/download.php?op=getit&lid=74 and save it step 2) extract it to a new folder step 3) open PS2save builder step 4) get the save you want to convert and put it in that folder step 5) go to file ----> open and open that game save you want to convert step...
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    now you won't beilve this Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Saves - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Save Files - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Saved Games those two are my saves. I've got two saves posted there and I'm the first. This calls for a celebration
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    lol i just noticed some thing

    lol you should Anime Roles Bleach - Kon Blood+ - Carl/Phantom Initial D - Shingo Shoji Naruto - Iruka Umino Zatch Bell! - Dr. Riddles, Haru, Victoream, Additional Voices [edit] Roles in American animation Aladdin - Additional Voices Avatar: The Last Airbender- Mugger Tycho(Episode 35)...
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    HElp WITH ANSEM!!!

    plus your ap is low. level up a bit.
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    i got the save file its a code breaker save MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service This unlocks reverse rebirth. Just go to new game and pick the second option for Riku. if you don't have code breaker then convert it to any ps2 save file with ps2 savebuilder PS sorry...
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    kingdom hearts final mix maybe will come to america

    did you see this cut scene when Roxas and Xemnas was talking Roxas : Roxas Xemnas : A new you . its in jap. why would it be in jap if they had the english KH-Vids.Net - Your Ultimate Source for Kingdom Hearts Videos - Kingdom Hearts II - Final Mix: Cutscenes (English Subtitles) in the middle...
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    me beating the knight at critical mode(translations)

    sorry for triple posting I did a retake the links are at the first post or here YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix knight battle rematch 1 of 2 YouTube - kingdom hearts 2 final mix knight battle rematch 2 of 2
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    make sure you upload the file to megaupload.com and post it here
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    made it to the big time

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Saves - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Save Files - Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + Saved Games :thumbsup: that game save is mine. My save is a legend now. Let everyone know that I made it to gamefaqs game saves. and I was the first. enjoy
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    what are limit conquests

    yes and no. I think that limit conquests is the gold crown. When you beat the XIII members you get a crown. (bronze, silver, or gold which is first) When you beat the ES you get a crown When you beat the XIII heartless mushroom you get a crown either that or collecting the light crowns you see...
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    yeah I don't like playing Sora's story either. did anyone beat it yet
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    what are limit conquests

    IT WORKED. Here's what I did to get the secret ending IN CRITICAL MODE Beat the XIII mushroom Beat all XII orginazation battles at the cavern of rememberance Beat the E.S collect all crowns you should get a gold crown when you do all this. I'm going to post a save in .max if anyone needs it