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    something i wonder about the intro

    nope, there was even a us commercial that came out that played sanctuary
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    Riku/body of Ansem

    ah got ya, thanks
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    Riku/body of Ansem

    Oh come on I know someone has to know the answer to this question, why the heck does Riku still have the old Ansem look?
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    Riku/body of Ansem

    Ok i'm pretty sure its posted already somewhere in this forum just not entirely sure where....but I just got done watching the video when Kairi got her keyblade and I'm a bit curious about something...I know Ansem (I know I know thats not the real one but i'm going by kh1 for the time being)...
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    Technically we can't play KH2 until the 29th

    i ain't too worried...my fiancee works in wal-mart...in the electronics section! (WOOOOOOOT) ah it feels so good. so yea me won't have to worry about not getting me copy :D
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    hmmm....good point but here's a question I have though, if the DK was supposed to release the darkness out of everyone's heart...wouldn't that mean the darkness that used to be in sora's heart was released as well, thus making him a shell in a since, the reason i say that is because to be whole...
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    Well no game can be too long i would think, hey I rather have a game thats long than short ^_^. but other than that if you followed along the storyline from KH, to CoM, to KH2 i don't think the storyline is questionable mostly because of the fact that we have to play through the game first to...
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    OK why not look at it this way...you get to fight an whole army of heartless, you faught (and hopefully beatened Sephiroth) whats a few Org. Members to fight against going to do? hey just make sure you have very good reflexes lol.
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    No I don't think its been confirmed yet...Final Mix is japanese only right? no chance of an english version on it? (God why the hell would they put soo much stuff on final mix but not ship it to the us..if it wasn't for this site i'd be oblivious...) But anyways I found the fight with sephiroth...
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    here's the thing though, do you think that You can do it ;) after all, you are going to be the one controlling him :)
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    My reasons why I like it so much -I wanted to know about what happens after CoM -I am curious to see how the new fighting system works (I've been trying to keep my KH skills updated by doing practice fights with Sephiroth...hey if you can fight sephiroth at level 65 with nothing but oathkeeper...
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    will it come out the same time??

    because it might be a good chance that they might be adding stuff (though they might be done with it, not sure -_-; ) or they just haven't got done with the english version.
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    Think you would fight all Unkowns at once?

    Well I agree with everyone, it would be a challenge but then again if you manage to win then you got skills.
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    Hi Everyone

    hmm...i know it says i've been an here since dec 2004 but all in honesty i forgotten my password and my user name but i still come to visit ^_^; but yea...i feel new though i kind of know whats been going on but hi again