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    Bobob bo bo bo

    BoBoBo-BoBo-BoBoBo the stupidest show i the world. who else agrees?
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    Do you think that BHK is...

    if hes evil then why was he seen in that screenshot geting ready to fight axel to protect sora.
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    LaDainian Tomlinson or Cadillac Willams

    personally i prefer LaDainian cause he's just the man.
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    Vincent Valentine VS Vash the Stampede

    who would win?
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    Dave Chapplle

    This thread is dedicated to the greatest comedian to date the one, the only, Dave Chapplle. If anyone has anything to say about him, his show, or his mysterious retret to south africa, post it here.
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    release date changed

    idk what site it was my friend jordan said he got it from somewhere idk but i believe him, he's never been wrong before.
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    release date changed

    I just heard the release date for KH2 was changed from 12/31/05 to 3/17/06.
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    Drive form

    what if BHK and sora fused? it would be called Ultima form and it would be the best form out of all of them.
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    Battle of the Bad a**es

    Contenders: Jak ( the Jak series) Ratchet ( the Ratchet & Clank series) Vicent (Final Fantasy VII) Cloud (Final Fantsy VII) Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) Shadow the Hedgehog (various sonic games and t.v. show) Dante (Devil May Cry) Kratos (God of War) this is how it works 10 votes each round...
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    It wasn't me.

    the thread "I need a girl" was not me. I mean it was kh_icephantom, but it wasn't me CaLeb Weems. It was my best friend Dimitrius, playing a prank on me as usual. I thoght I could trust him with my accout (his mom wont let him get one) but obviously I couldn't. yeah so just f.y.i. and also this...
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    Stargate SG-1

    who else is a fan?
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    I need a girl.

    girls if your out there and you like kh2 video games in generald, black guys( I am one), movies and are obsessed with music (and single), PM me. :D
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    what's your favorite song of all time?

    idk what mine is.
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    should i buy or rent this game.

    Radiata story's.
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    Lit ► Inheritance Cycle

    the sequel to Eragon is finally out!!! who else is excited!!
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    this is my kh theory. iheard on one of the boards that there is a keyblade for every existence, light, dark, twilight, and other. so, every one knows how ansem is pure darkness right, and how riku was supposed to bet the keyblademaster right,and how sora is of the light right. well i think ansem...
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    I just broke up with my girlfriend, I loved her but I had to do it cause she was a gold digga and only wanted me because I know like everybody and could get her free stuff. I'm so sad. :( anyway if you've had a simiar experience post it here. normally i wouldn't of posted this but i felt the...
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    KH2 Spoof

    that was stupid
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    witch disney/finalfantasy boss...

    would you like to se in kh2?
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    Fanfiction ► How come there are know black people in kh

    yeah man its not that bigof a deal. im black too and u dont see me freaking out