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    Perfect Girl Evolution

    anyone ever heard of this anime or the manga the wallflower? Sunako the main chick is so creepy but is like the perfect charcter ever. She can fight and is actually really pretty despite the darkness surrounding her.
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    Whats your fav Kh layout?

    Hey just wondering has anyone actually tried the default settings at the bottom of Khinsider Ive been on here for a few months and I just realized you can change the backround and layout of Khinsider so my question is what is your favorite Kh layout? Ambience is pretty kool but im using rogue...
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    What FF Character Are You?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone feels like sharing the person that the computer thinks your most alike. Everyone has probably already taken the little quiz but if not you can find it in my sig. So ill start off I most like Yuna. Anyone else?
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    kh2. Why isnt it popular

    It's popular in my book most people dont like it cause they cant understand the concept of a good game they play games that dont have a challenge. kh2 will be so beautiful when it comes out because the first one was. The best song Ive ever heard for a video game is simple and clean. The graphics...
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    Dearly Beloved

    I like Dearly Beloved its good and all but the way simple and clean has so many versions and there all good I love. The first time I ever played KH whats the first thing you hear? Dearly Beloved for the main menu. But when looking at the movie for starting off the game what do you remember "When...
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    What do you want for X-mas

    Well to say it first i hope this isn't already a thread but what do you want for x-mas fell free to make a list or whatever some of you have a job and can buy what you want but for the unfortunate young people like myself we have to rely on the parents leaving little notes and stuff or just...
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    For the Full Metal Lovers

    IF YOU ARE A NEW KID OR ADULT TO FMA DO NOT READ THIS BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR RUINING THE SHOW FOR YOU IF YOU ARE NOWHERE NEAR THIS EPISODE!:D For the FMA lovers out there somebody answer me this (my spelling sucks so work arond it) if you are currently watching the anime...
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    Read Or Die

    Has any one ever seen or heard of read or die the anime with Yomiko Reidman and the three paper masters. Well i would highly recommend this anime for people to watch but another helpful tip watch the movie first. Oh and this same thread is in another section i think general disscussion sorry!:D
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    Does anyone listen to theme songs? I have three cds with nothing but anime endings. The new Inuyasha themes, and the full song .Of course there in Japanese but that doesn't mean memorizing the words is impossible :D