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  1. Christhor

    Anyone Else Notice This?

    Looking at the outfits and the fighting styles, it's pretty obvious that Vanitas was designed with Rikusem in mind.
  2. Christhor

    Malificent & Pete - The Castle That Never Was

    It will probably be explained when/if KH3 is ever released. I'm guessing she did take over it, and it's where they will be creating all their heartless minions.
  3. Christhor

    The "Castle" Slide in Deep Jungle

    Oh yeah definitely, he COULD just go out and say that it's the one from BBS, but it's pretty obvious that in the context of KH it was meant to be Hollow Bastion. I basically hold the original KH on it's own nowadays, it could take place in a different universe than the ones after it.
  4. Christhor

    The "Castle" Slide in Deep Jungle

    Of course it's Hollow Bastion, it's the only thing that makes sense in accordance to the original game. There's no way it could be something like the castle in BBS, which I am for some reason not able to remember the name of, and Ven's heart resonating with it. That would mean that Nomura...
  5. Christhor

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    Of course, it's different from person to person, but for some, and a characters popularity is made up of all the people's different reasons of liking said character, the appearance is a factor. It's not for me personally, probably not for most, but I do actually know people who like characters...
  6. Christhor

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    Do you really think that someone like Axel would have been as popular if he looked like Saix? Nope, he would not, and then Roxas wouldn't be as popular either, due to the icky manlove going on. It's the same thing here, if Aqua was fat and her face looked like a money's arse, then she wouldn't...
  7. Christhor

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    Kairi was never stop or anything of the likes, she's always seemed pretty bright to me. The only, original, character who can seem outright "dumb" at times is Sora, as much as I love him. Kairi has to be rescued because, well, she's 14 years in the original, and 15 in the sequel, how is a girl...
  8. Christhor

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    If you guys couldn't tell, I quoted the post that I quoted for a reason. I wasn't saying that she was only popular for her sex-appeal, just that it was an addition to what the other guy had said. And don't even try to pretend that her sex-appeal isn't a factor as to why she's popular, don't even...
  9. Christhor

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    Let's not forget the fact that she has the biggest breast of all the KH females so far, tights, a very tight top thingy and blue hair. It's a no-brainer why she's so popular.
  10. Christhor

    Quick question about Xehanort

    I don't even remember this, what scene are you referring to? I'm assuming it's one in BBS. Darkness makes your hair grow quickly? Darkness!
  11. Christhor

    Quick question about Xehanort

    They look pretty close you guys, hair grows, y'know! The eyes? I ain't got a scooby. But yeah, I think they look mainly the same.
  12. Christhor

    hey guys

    are we going to the animal family? it's really fun we can hang out and you can even be your favorite animal :)
  13. Christhor

    Christhor here

    Hi I'm Christhor and I love Kingdom Hearts