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  1. Roro

    KH3D won best 3DS and RPG at Gamer's choice 2012

    Saw this on my facebook feed earlier, congrats to KH for two wins ^o^ I was surprised it got best rpg though, I thought something more popular might take the cake in that department :P
  2. Roro

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 Re:MIX- To Appear In Next Week's Issue of WSJ!

    Yay!~ Well its good to know we'll be getting more info about the game pretty soon I'll be looking forward to it :D
  3. Roro

    News ► KH 1.5 ReMIX Trailer Released!

    Re: KH 1.5 ReMix Trailer Released! Yay a trailer's up and everything looks much more gorgeous than it did the first time(of course the first time it was pretty gorgeous too), okay that 358/2Days scene has me decided, I'm so getting this if it comes out stateside even if it means buying a ps3...
  4. Roro

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    Although the chances are on the slim side, my only wishes right now are that the game comes over seas, and that they make it for Xbox 360 or other consoles instead of ps3 exclusive so I can burn less of a hole in my wallet.
  5. Roro

    Protagonist Roxas

    I always took it as their roles could have been reversed, Roxas could have been in Sora's shoes and vice-versa, but the "it has to be you" part throws me off too lol, at first I thought maybe what Roxas meant by that was Sora is the only one that can set things right, kinda like what DiZ said...
  6. Roro

    About Sora in...

    I wasn't so much sad as I was on the edge of my toes wondering what would happen next and how they'd get Sora out of the coma. It also reminded me a bit of comatose Kairi in KH1 and a lot more of comatose Ventus :P
  7. Roro

    About Terra and Master Xehanort

    Okay so I haven't had a chance to click on any of the links yet, so I may not have grasped the full point you're trying to make and may be going off topic here, but the part I bolded, sounds way too familiar. Why? Because it practically already happened, with Xion and Roxas, well Xion didn't...
  8. Roro

    KH 358/2 Days Volume 5 Cover!

    Oh hey looks its Riku, the artwork for these things are always so cute, love it as always :) He probably did steal the boots, he must have picked up ASoD's fashion sense haha :P
  9. Roro

    KH3D Meow Wow Plush Available On SE Official Goods Online Shop!

    That Meow Wow plush shall be mine one day, its just too cute :3 and I think it will fit in nicely with my shadow heartless plushie too unfortunately I don't have money to spend on that right now :/ That meow wow plush, every time I look at it, I feel like its going to kill me with its cuteness.
  10. Roro

    KH3D Novel Side Riku Cover Revealed!

    The cover is so cute :) That scene in the game was so cute too, the music was the cherry on top to add to the cuteness in the game.
  11. Roro

    News ► Square Enix Holding TWEWY Vocalist Audition!

    Haha if only I lived in Japan, and my singing experience were more than just one year in highschool choir or singing random songs when no one else is around, I would nail that audition! Obviously there's much more talented and qualified people out there lol. I guess good luck to the lucky...
  12. Roro

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D NA Site Completed!

    The site looks nice, its good to know that we're still getting KH3D stuff even after its release, I bet a whole bunch of people are gonna change their avatars to the icons put up on the site haha. :P
  13. Roro

    Empty Worlds?

    Yea BBS had the same problem, not many npc's in the world after you complete the story, its kinda sad, you come up with a big nice and detailed world but no one to populate it D: The city bells was especially irksome, its like "oh the festival of fools is today" *go into the town square in front...
  14. Roro

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    Well if that's the case I'll probably just stick to the ds version I already own then. For now that is. :P
  15. Roro

    News ► THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Solo Remix- Out August 27th 2012!

    An iOS game thats pretty cool, question though: for the most part is this just a copy of the ds game with a couple changes to gameplay? In other words is story the same but platform and gameplay all that changed? Regardless, from the trailer the graphics look very pretty :)
  16. Roro

    Random things you noticed...

    I noticed this too, I was like this dream eater looks uncannily similar to an unversed. As for random things I noticed, I can't think of any other than the obvious ones already listed in this thread :P
  17. Roro

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    Ya^^ I saw this on Square's facebook page and I clicked on the RPG category first and I was like why isn't KH in here, but I guess they categorized it in the handhelds, it is an rpg, just a handheld one though :P They should make a new category! best handheld rpg, kh takes the cake lol.. :D
  18. Roro

    KH3d up for best Handheld game at the Golden Joystick awards

    Clicked the vote button for KH3D hopefully it wins haha..though the competition seems tough lol. Nice find :)
  19. Roro


    You're actually right, I can see that becoming a disaster just waiting to happen now, have kairi the novice keyblade wielder protecting all the other princesses, have Xehanort target wherever she's on guard duty with the other PoH's and I can see that ending in PoH's getting captured and having...
  20. Roro

    News ► The World Ends With You Teaser Site Opens!

    Same problem for my computer D; but whats important is something twewy is coming :D