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  1. xiaojen7

    How did I earn this title..

    Beside my username it says "heartless" but before I was "nobody" Does it happen when I reach a certain amount of posts? I'm not heartless my heart belongs to my bby master aqua xD and btw why doesn't anyone use their own face as their avatar picture? Is it against rules?
  2. xiaojen7

    Help/Support ► I attempted suicide today

    I think many of us agree that you should report your father for child abuse. The police will believe you, especially if you have hit marks anywhere on your body. Please don't kill yourself, just call a suicide hotline or find someone very close to talk to about this.
  3. xiaojen7

    Help/Support ► The 'Make-You-Feel-Better' Thread

    That's really cute ty. I wonder how the shades look like from the cat's eyes..
  4. xiaojen7

    Hiya :D

    Nice to meet you all, I'm Jen. I made this account earlier this month as I was browsing through gaming forum websites. (Still searching!) I'm looking forward to having new friends and and wacky conversations this community has :tongue: I think I have some of the khinsider basics down.. but any...