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  1. Beyer

    Did this bother anyone else?

    It came as no surprise to me when I clicked on a thread called 'Did this bother anyone else' and the prefix KH2 appeared.
  2. Beyer

    What Axel did to Zexion

    What did I THINK happened? I thought Zexion got killed. I don't really get where you got your idea...seems a tad sexual for Kingdom Hearts. I imagined Zexion got stabbed in the chest and faded away with a look of horror on his face mumbling something about betrayal. But Re:Com confirmed what...
  3. Beyer

    'Chain of Memories' on the 3DS?

    I am all for it myself, I really don't see why not. Having games all in an easy to access online store makes things a lot easier, especially when the games aren't being made anymore, making it harder to find copies. I am a big fan of 'classic game' type online, or even real life, stores that...
  4. Beyer

    What is 'real' or 'true' music to you?

    After recently having a debate with a friend over what is 'real' music, I want to know. What do you class as 'real' music? Do you go strictly by a dictionary definition of music or do you go by your own? Personally, I define music as the following: an artistic form of auditory communication...
  5. Beyer

    Who suffered the most? Terra or Aqua?

    Despite being a major Aqua fan and not exactly a Terra fan I am willing to admit that Terra suffered more. This thread made me realise/remember that the Terra inside Xehanort isn't dormant and essentially dead/asleep/coma and is actually constantly fighting to get out. Terra's got it pretty bad.
  6. Beyer

    Xion and the confusion at the end

    In my head Xion is thinking along these lines. "Yeah, I kinda have to die now so you should go defeat Xemnas Roxas. That would be nice. He is a bit of a d*#che" -Roxas goes off to defeat Xemnas- "NOT NOW YOU TOOL! You honestly think you are good enough to beat them NOW? B!tch, please. Go fuse...
  7. Beyer

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/157549-lgbt-fanclub-too-cute-straight.html I will just leave that right there :D
  8. Beyer

    LGBT Fanclub~"Better Gay than Grumpy"

    Welcome to the LGBT Fanclub! "We're Queer, and we're here!" A place where you can talk random stuff about gay storylines on shows, personal experiences, homosexual celebrities and anything of that sort. Members: Homosexual: Beyer O a t h Keeper PrinnyGod Oe98 Klom89 Sango la dango...
  9. Beyer

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    I would absolutely love to have this. I am in full support of it!
  10. Beyer

    [minor spoilers] Vanitas has a bad AI

    That is pretty dodgy but I don't think it affects much. You can't hurt him from that spot either and the moment you move to get him he can strike back. Just makes for an amusing standstill for me. Fascinating to find out though. I mean, does Vanitas Sentiment not have a <if block is in way move...
  11. Beyer

    Pray to save, or pray for the strength to save?

    I noticed something recently while in my random visits to many services at various churches and talks with various religious people. I noticed that many of them prayed for God to save the people that are suffering. Now this is all fine when there is no way you can help (eg. Stopping world...
  12. Beyer

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    The amount of times I have tried on so many sites, especially twitter, and on the sad occasion, real life. Although now it has become a running gag with my friends to poke someone and say 'like' when they do something awesome.
  13. Beyer

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Thats just a beautiful site. Makes me so very proud to be Australian :)
  14. Beyer

    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    For me it had a lovely concept and a lovely ending and a fair bit of good in the middle (twilight town, radiant garden and the World that never was all worked for me) but there were so many flaws. Sora didn't express much care about finding his friends, just the occasional 'have you seen them?'...
  15. Beyer

    Birth By Sleep, Meh?

    I would say yes, unless you are really struggling to do so. Having completed the main part of the game will give your opinion much more authority when you speak it, if you do, in the future. (who are people going to believe? Someone who HAS played the game or someone who hasn't?) But if you...
  16. Beyer

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Home | The Trevor Project This site/group may have been mentioned before but my god, I just cried at the sheer beauty of it. All the itgetsbetter videos, essentially limitless amount of people, from small vloggers and first time video makers to the likes of Ke$ha, Hilary Clinton and more have...
  17. Beyer

    Yen Sid sense -- [Re:Coded spoilers]

  18. Beyer

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    I am not the biggest fan of Aqua's english VA either but I still adore her as a character. I don't want to sound like a fanboy relentlessly defending my subject of fanboyism, which is true somewhat, I think she was made as a character that doesn't have massive levels on internal conflict...
  19. Beyer

    Re:coded TGS 2010 Trailer now up on official JPN site

    Re: coded TGS 2010 Trailer now up on official JPN site This looks freaking amazing! The graphics appear to have improved since Days, at the very least the attack designs have, and it looks like it has heaps of cool little features. What is this avatar menu thing? Why does it have Lightning...
  20. Beyer

    'erase me' scene replaced in english version?

    Yeah, the trailer depicted it on Destiny Islands but in the final version (both Japanese and English it seems) the scene was placed at the Keyblade Graveyard.