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  1. Keyblade-War

    Birth By Sleep on PC?

    2000 is the best model to get, they have the least amount of problems.
  2. Keyblade-War

    WAAAIT! Seven Keyholes of Sleep?

    Well, im not going to run around and argue. I got proved wrong lol. Although i'm glad thats what they are doing, putting alot of work in each world. Maybe it will be like KH1 where each world had something special. (Haven't done much research on the 3DS nor KH:3DS)
  3. Keyblade-War

    WAAAIT! Seven Keyholes of Sleep?

    Actually they are using BBS'S Engine for 3DS. As in the "Really advanced" part we are talking about a DS game not a PS2, so compared to other games on it's platform it is pretty advanced. Also i wasn't saying that the graphics take up the entire project, look at the big picture they are working...
  4. Keyblade-War

    WAAAIT! Seven Keyholes of Sleep?

    Seven world's isn't too bad. Also the game's graphics are really advanced so they only have so much space to work with.
  5. Keyblade-War

    *CONFIRMED* Pinocchio World + Jump Scans

    Man that's awesome. Hoepfully Nomura lets us explore the entire world, as in letting us go into Gepettos house and explore that island pinocchio goes to (Dont remember the name). I might but a 3DS for this game and finally get to play 358/2 while im at it.
  6. Keyblade-War

    Deep Jungle

    I do the same thing except i use the Olympia until i get Oblivion once i beat Riku. I just wanted to see what was the lowest level i could beat the game at so i skipped most of the heartless throughout the game, i didnt have that problem when i first played it i just wanted to speed run/mess...
  7. Keyblade-War

    Deep Jungle

    I agree, especially when you play a game on hardest diffuculty it can be annoying at times but once you beat it your like "That was really fun" The only thing that sucked about it in KH is when i played it on Pro and my Sora was under trained and i had to fight Riku for the last time where he is...
  8. Keyblade-War

    Deep Jungle

    I liked Deep Jungle but dont really miss it too much. However Neverland was my favorite level in KH1 i was happy it came back in BBS a really nice level with good music.
  9. Keyblade-War

    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    No i already had one but i probably would of bought one just for it.
  10. Keyblade-War

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie The best game in the series IMO, i never got sick of it. I beat it about once sometimes twice a year and the story and voice acting is still refreshing, it is still very fun to play. Actually...
  11. Keyblade-War

    KH 3D scrapped?

    Isnt Squares HQ in Tokyo? I dont think they got hit as bad as others but im sure they will impress at E3.
  12. Keyblade-War

    KH 3D scrapped?

    People in EU didnt get RE:COM? I didnt know that, man thats kinda unfair for you guys. Well you can always import, but that gets a little expensive.
  13. Keyblade-War

    KH 3D scrapped?

    Most games are scrapped if they look like they arent going to sell many copies, KH is a huge franchise so i wouldnt worry.
  14. Keyblade-War

    Who here were fans...

    I bought my PS2 in 2002 and my parents let me pick out two games i picked Run like hell, and Kingdom Hearts 1, so im an KH OG. I loved the game and once i beat it and seen the ending i had to get the next one i was like obsessed to see what would happen next.
  15. Keyblade-War

    If you could take out one scene in KH2, what would it be?

    Atlantica in KH2....it was just not needed.
  16. Keyblade-War

    sora or riku?

    Sora had a better story and boss fights, but i liked how Riku didnt have to fill up his card meter you just click it and your cards come back.
  17. Keyblade-War

    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    KH2 didn't seem as epic as KH1. KH1 had a great epic ending that left you satisfied with the game. KH2 seemed to go to fast and was kinda easy even on proud mode it was no challange for me. KH1 just had this special feel to it, it is really unique and just had a spark that KH2 didnt seem to have.
  18. Keyblade-War

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    KH2 seemed to go by a little to fast, you could beat the worlds fast and the game was too easy overall with the reaction commands. The little things that KH1 had made it better like side missions, optional bosses and trinities. KH2 didnt feel as epic or adventurous as KH1. Im not saying that i...
  19. Keyblade-War

    The one thing that REALLY pisses me off about Chain of Memories

    I noticed it right away but i really didnt care for it, i never really liked Deep jungle much.
  20. Keyblade-War

    Ok so I am replauing Kh2 and i was just wondering why Nomura didnt call

    It would sound stupid, Plus nomura is Japaneese.........and im sorry but that was a stupid post lol you said he was from china.