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    Oh God.....

    Well I just found my new love which is photography so im just sharing :p. Any critique? http://img28.imageshack.us/f/experimentp1.png/ http://img218.imageshack.us/f/experimentp2.png/ http://img696.imageshack.us/i/experimentp3.png/ http://img18.imageshack.us/f/mom2nd.png/'...
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    IM bored game

    This is a game of you telling us why you bored IM BORED AND NEVER GONNA SIGN BACK ON FOR MONTHS CYA SUCKA
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    Top 20 gayiest video game character

    look what maded on the top 20 gayiest video character click here
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    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

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    Which Race is Better

    my favorite race is the viera from ff12 whats yours?
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    $$$*The Pimp Clan*$$$

    Welcome to my clan where only pimps can be it Current Members shortythugsta - owner Bond of fire - owner asiarulez - owner We do: Sig & Avatar, animation banners and etc. If you want to join send me a pm or any of the member in it or post here and show your work We are still a small...
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    Which KH game out the series do you hate the most

    out all the kh series I hate kh2 the most you? also I want this to be clean thread no fighting fanboys and fangurls
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    Worship me thread the almity "shortythugsta"

    This is a thread for all my worshiper, friends or just praise me since I own you all ahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahah hah worship me :D
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    Kh2 Sucks

    how am i hatin by adding the reaction commands it made the game really easy next too easy batles and gameplay next too it
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    Kh2 Sucks

    good for you hurrah wow thats amazing ummmmm good for you but i dont care
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    Kh2 Sucks

    is it me or when they add the reaction commads in kh2 it made the whole game really easy
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    Kh2 Sucks

    ok fanboy we get your point, now you can goo away now *go away*
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    Kh2 Sucks

    well your right but its mostly fanboys and gurls im attracting
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    Kh2 Sucks

    yeah and they need too make sora stop crying there making look like and emo and fag with him on his knee and crying on sora legs i thought he was doing sucky sucky when i saw that lol jk or am I
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    Kh2 Sucks

    you know when you battle the unknown that song that goes dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dn dun da dun something like that
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    Kh2 Sucks

    this what im talking about you people are going too defend it when you know it sucks fanboys and fangurls.........., and all you post is stupid come backs on your post like "Storyline was good if you weren't sleeping the whole time. See... if you played KH1 and KH:COM than maybe you would...
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    Kh2 Sucks

    It wont change there mind but hey people have opinions and sometimes people want too post there opinion and kh2 has alot of flaws the only thing i like in the game was the unknown battle music and the graphic overall thats it
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    Kh2 Sucks

    thanks for the apology and it would seem like something i would do but in my opinion and alot of other it sucks, only the g=fanboys and fangurls would start defending
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    Kh2 Sucks

    Ok, Ill point out why I point out kh2 sucks *the voice acting sucks especially aeris it made my ear bleeds some of the characters had stupid lines which were alot, alot of the unknown voice didnt match there character * storyline sucks and you gotta too be kidding if you like this one than...