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  1. WolfLight

    Are you a smoker or not?

    nope i am not i dont like the smell anyways.
  2. WolfLight

    The "How Was Your Weekend?" Thread

    it was alright got a t mobile hotspot to try out there network to see if its any better then at&t and so far so good ! ^^
  3. WolfLight

    hello ! :3

    thanks ^^
  4. WolfLight

    Is there any other furries here??

    i am ! :3 well a casual furry but still a furry XD
  5. WolfLight

    Can you tell if something is a bot or a human on the internet?

    as for bots i would say either they are going to try to troll you or keep spamming you over and over XD
  6. WolfLight

    hello ! :3

    hey there guys how is everything going ? i havent been on here for years ! since i think 2 or dream drop distance when it came out ? XD lol anyways i decided to join in on the forums and just like to make some friends is all and besides kingdom hearts i also like star wars , movies tv shows ...