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  1. ablackmore726

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I'm not sure, I've had a few ideas about it, and the whole it's ansem the wise theory, I never really bought. It's just weird what we have to go off from, like "No Name" sounds a whole lot like "No Heart", so it could be someone's name just scrambled around and without an x, like Xehanort. That'...
  2. ablackmore726

    What does Xehanort's Nobody really look like?

    Wouldn't it just be Ansem SoD's body? I thought his appearance under the hood is that of Ansem as the Seeker of Darkness
  3. ablackmore726

    Incomplete Theory Question

    Probably as old as Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  4. ablackmore726

    CoM not int the top 10?

    Yeah, though the battle system sucked, I liked it. It was a good 'Inbetween-quel' for KH and KH2. So top 10? It's arguable
  5. ablackmore726

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Wow, sounds like he went all 'Beast's Castle' on that dude he beat up haha
  6. ablackmore726

    My favorite game of all time is Kingdom Hearts yet I've never played a single Final Fantasy game.

    KH is my favorite series, and I've played some of the FF's (1-4, 7-8) and I like them both. FF is unique in it's own way, and usually has pretty good storylines that keep you hooked. I like the gameplay, though not everyone likes turnbased battles, so that's different. I like them both though =]...
  7. ablackmore726

    Secret Movie Transcriptions

    Hey, I'm new =] In the re:coded secret movie, it says that they're trying to locate ven's heart, if it's in Sora, then I wonder how they will get it out...if they try releasing it, then won't sora turn into a heartless like he did when he released Kairi's heart? I wonder what the future of KH...