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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    A few bosses? try 13 that are as hard as it gets. But ya, i have no problem with germany getting the book, even though they beat my country 4-0 yesterday T_T PLus I still have to find a way to get a PSP.
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    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    I think its more than three
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer!

    Ill buy it just for the battle system of BBS but it looks interesting so i cant wait!!! Just put it out fast please, Nomura!!!!!
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    New NA/EU Boss

    They look more like pairs of scissors to me.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D story possible plot

    All i gotta say is: KINGDOM HEARTS RECONNECT3Ds1ruckysta
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    Question about Xehanort's "partners"

    Haha you never know about that. I don't think Nomura would just leave something so simple.s1angrypple
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    Question about Xehanort's "partners"

    Wasn't it so Maleficent would gather all the princesses and XH would just come in and back stab her and take control?
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    Hades Paradox Cup :)

    I cant get past the round before the last cerberus. Can anybody help me out with that one?
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    How the fudge is this even possible?!

    Just play it in proud The game's easy anyway and you unlock it automatically
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    Possible Who Framed Roger Rabbit Referances? (KH2)

    Yoko Shimomura is a GIRL!!??O_o
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    So, about Mickey's letter...

    Do you have a link to the video?
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    is it possible?

    Smartass:P ........................................................
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    Spoilers, What do you think of the?

    If it were smaller so it would be more wield-able, it'd be cool. Its cool right now anyway.
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    Xion bluntly shown in KH2 - albeit retcon

    I doubt it. I mean look at how the one on the right is standing. He has his hands behind him like Xaldin. I think the one on the left is Sai'x but Im not sure
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    ven sora roxas questions

    Here's what I think. I think ROxas is a nobody and isn't a nobody at the same time. Let me explain. Technically, You're a nobody if you don't have the heart of your somebody. But isn't that the only heart you CAN have? Ya, but Roxas is a special exception. He doesn't have Sora's heart, making...
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    xion's game

    Facepalmfacepalmfacepalmfacepalmfacepalmfacepalm This thread is Super Gay.
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    [SPOILERS] BBS Secret Boss' Name

    I don't care about the name, but that battle looks like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.....
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    who is stronger? mx or vanitas?

    Vanitas. I mean SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER He;s the source of all unversed. That's gotta be worth something!
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    358/2 keyblade

    Its Rage Gear+. You get it from synthesizing or buying I don't remember which and i think its after you get master rank.
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    Vanitas' stance is similar to Riku's?

    And Master Xehanort is Everyone's grandma. And the only reason he's missing is cuz he's looking for flour to bake us all cookies! But seriously Family has no importance in KH, so sorry. I think Nomura's lazy and just used a voice actor he's used before. Wouldn't be the first time.