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  1. Aurora Lark

    News ► Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC Coming This Winter

    Yes! I’ve wanted to play more characters especially Roxas for a long time plus Oathkeeper is one of my favorite Keyblades :)
  2. Aurora Lark

    Potential Master's

    I actually think that Roxas would make a nice Keyblade master if that’s the way they go because he can have the naive and easygoing personality like Sora (he is his other) but then there’s also a darker angrier side of him he’s had to work to control. He has a wide range of moods that I would...
  3. Aurora Lark

    The Treatment of Disney Villains in KH3

    I do like the Heartless bosses they are very creative but feel they need to go back to having Disney bosses to bring back some charm. I thought it was hard but I loved fighting against Ursula/giant Ursula in KH1
  4. Aurora Lark

    Happy Pride Month

    Happy Pride month to y’all for sure!
  5. Aurora Lark

    How far are you in the game?

    Since its been about a week since KH3 finally came out I was wondering how far peole have got through the game and whether yall like it.Wouldn't be surprised if some of you are done already :) Please no spoilers since Im stell in the middle of the Tangled world I believe. But I am LOVING IT and...
  6. Aurora Lark

    Which Ultimate weapon designs do you prefer?

    I think I like the top one (KH1?) better it’s a little less busy plus I like the gold coloring on it but still looks simple but powerful and elegant
  7. Aurora Lark

    Your personal fighting style?

    If you were a key blade master in the world of KH what do you think your fighting style would be like? I’ll give you mine for example I think I would have parts of Ventus Sora and Riki’s styles. Ventus cause I’m small and shifty and I think that would translate to speed and fit that style...
  8. Aurora Lark

    Most challenging/frustrating mini games for y’all?

    This question has probably been asked and answerd countless times by now but I’m curious because I was playing BBS and I got reminded how much I just can’t seem to get the hang of Ice cream beat no matter how hard I try. I’m deaf so I have that but I try not to use that built in excuse...