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    Coded coming America?

    AT&T Matrix would be perfect for this game
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    Coded coming America?

    If it doesn't come out here, im movin to japan
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    Theory of roxas/namine

    So we now have seen some of the organizations somebodies, right? and they look like the people, right? You see where i'm going. Roxas=Ven, Namine=unknown character.
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    MCP fight. Am i the only one who thought this was fun?
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    whats up with that xigbar/ven scene??

    twenty bucks says sora meets ven when ven is on destiny islands
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    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I was pronouncing Xion zye-on. Then i got jeon and was like what the heck? anyone else.
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    LARXENE!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got to her and am sooooo stuck. Help!!!!!!
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    The heartless Quest Signups.

    It is ten years after the events of KH2. Sora and friends are too old to wield the Keyblade, and a new master, Koilu, has been chosen. But he is weak. The Heartless have a chance. We are up agains Koilu to get him, unless you pick good, in which case you are with him. You may meet other...
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    The Heartless Quest Signups

    So here you creat a heartless character that you will become. Please follow the application and if i think you are eligible, you may join. Species: Nickname: How you became a heartless:(three sentences) Abilities: Weapons:(if any) History:(Paragraph) What world you live in: Good...
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    KH party Hurt n' Heal

    So the rules are: You can heal once and hurt once or heal twice or hurt twice. All party members start with ten HP. When HP gets to 0, They are dead. You can vote once per day. Donald:10 Goofy:10 Tarzan:10 Aladdin:11 Jack:10 Ariel:10 Beast:9 Heal aladdin, hurt beast
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    Wiiware kh coded

    wiiware. a game or two have been realeased as monthly episodes(Sbcg4ap) and i liked them(it). it could be done.
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    Riku 47

    Hey, I'm new. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a n00b. I have played a couple of them, most actually, but not the first for seven years. I forgot how awesome it was. I also learned it's much easier than i thought seven years ago(I musta suked). anyway, glad to meet you all. Also oathkeeper...
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    trinity help

    Hey, I'm new. My name is riku47 and i am a huge fan(obviously) I was just replaying the series waiting to get days and i can't find yellow trinity. help!