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    In need of help

    I need an original Rp Idea for a forum I'm working on. Anyone wish to collaberate with me onthis please post here or pm me thank you and I really need your help.
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    FFXII the century later

    Link Removed. Advertising is against forum rules.
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    rebirth of Anceints

    Upon the day of creation many warlords fought for supremecy. As they waged their own war many early people began choosing sides. Due to so much opposition, The Anceints each created their own planet with their own people. This act displeased the high God who had all their indiviual planets crash...
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    Ven, Roxas, and Sora connected to The Unversed? Possibly.

    possible the connestion of things like land to fire or sea to ice or air to space they are all realative to the fact that each has an extreme and a minimal, all the elements are connected thus representing character relations, land, sea, and air the most obvious visible elements. I've never...
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    Hello KHI, My friend Dragonsblight told me to check this site out so Here I am.