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    Help/Support ► Guys, i've had it.

    Wow, you live in north carolina or something? where everything is secluded I can see how your friends living far away, and having no transportation prevents you from hanging out.. my best advice is find new friends aroud your neighborhood or get a job where theres already people your age...
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    Help/Support ► Need Help by choosing a Name

    What kind of sick monster are you..
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    Help/Support ► Wth.

    * If possible, find a quiet place to pump every two to three hours at work. * Store your pumped breast milk in a refrigerator, and transport it home at the end of each day in a cooler. * Nurse your baby right before you leave for work each morning, and nurse again as soon as you get home. *...
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    I found an Ipod..

    yesterday, on the train. Its a 8GB black ipod nano. And no I didn't see who dropped it or anything, so don't tell me I'm a bad person and I'm going to hell.
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    rofl, I got lucky today.

    I went to buy a 40gb ps3 at Circuit City, the guy miscounted the money I gave him and got 100 bucks back! :laugh:
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    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    If its to the point were shes about to commit suicide, then she needs help, professional help. She needs to see a phycologist, where she can meet other people with the same problem.
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Delayed

    This just in guys!!! :ohmy: News from IGN... WHY GOD WHY!!!
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    Scientist says humans will split into two species

    Kinda makes you want to live in the year 3000. Human race will 'split into two different species'
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    Help/Support ► I Lost Everything :(

    O shi, thats gotta suck. Should of bought one of those back up hard drive things.
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    NEW IGN Article: Confirming Multi-player for BBS!!

    Online play would be the cherry on the top, no?
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    Earth Is Very Small

    I had no idea earth was so small compared to the stars, it's amazing. Youtube - Vid
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    G-Phoria 2006 - Kingdom Hearts II Hanging on

    Hell yeah!, Shadow of the Colossus Rocked! 8D Best shortest game ever!!!
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    How fragile is...

    =P .. I have a guarantee on my KH2 disk.. so if anything happens I can get a new one, and it only cost 3 more bucks to get the guarantee!
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    What are you? o_O

    Are you black, white, spanish, asian, or other... >_> ..I'm a curious.. =]
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    Your favorite Heartless

    Their is a "Favourites Thread"... Its a sticky thread, please post their next time. *coughNeoshadowscough* >_>
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    Neoshadow reaction Command

    lol... I know what every body means. Donald and Goofy just kill them to fast! =( I've only done it once.
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    Umm.. I think every game gets boring after you beat it ten times.. o.O;; lol
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    Guns in KHII

    Disney+Guns=Never going to happen. Plus, guns are so over rated. Almost every game has one.. because people think it's cool. Lets just stick with our keyblades.
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    Help, its kinda stupid but im paranoid.

    Theres rumors that if you stare at the end screen for 3 hours you'll see something! lol, nah theres nothing..