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  1. EarMedicine

    Why is Kingdom Hearts so deep?

    I was sitting in my room, hands down my pants reading some KH fanfiction, and it dawned upon me how deep of a story Kingdom Hearts has, deeps and mart symbolism, evil versus good, and what is actually evil, all in a children's video game, why is KH so deep? What does it mean to the soul? ...
  2. EarMedicine

    Why diid MX want KH

    Why did Master Xehanort want Kingdom Hearts
  3. EarMedicine


    Doi hoi, I don't care it's a Disney game, that's mostly meant for children.
  4. EarMedicine


    oh god not this shit. Haven't you pairing makers ruined the series enough already? Stop being retarded and look for romantic pairs that are actually canon and fap off to that.
  5. EarMedicine


  6. EarMedicine

    If Sora had gone against MX

    YouTube - KH2FM Triple Terra (Won Finally) guise i think this should help with how strong Sora can be.
  7. EarMedicine

    If Sora had gone against MX

    He would whoop all their asses: YouTube - KH2FM - Triple Terra sorry the video is bad quality, but if that video isn't enough proof then I don't know what is. Edit: ffffuuu disregard that video i suck cocks. Hes still the most powerful though. Double EDIT: YouTube - KH2FM Triple Terra (Won...
  8. EarMedicine

    If Sora had gone against MX

    Riku, really in the fight did shit all. Sure he took down a little health but not enough to be a real help.Also Sora owned LS who is obviously stronger than MX.
  9. EarMedicine


    That's the Final Boss but not the Secret boss.
  10. EarMedicine

    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Who cares if he's a master or not, It's not gonna rape you in the but one night. But seriously stop it with the BOO YAA, It reminds me of a really shitty show disney channel used to run.
  11. EarMedicine

    growth system

    Re: the aging system? weeeird. I saw this in the Main Series section <.<
  12. EarMedicine

    growth system

    Re: the aging system? I think he's talking about bbs, which this is the wrong section of the forum.
  13. EarMedicine

    Aqua's armor 0_o

    when Mickey teleported them away the Armor went to Radient Garden I guess?
  14. EarMedicine

    Was there any point?...

    Really guys? Really? Who gives flying fuck!?
  15. EarMedicine

    Is it just me

    No one likes stupid stuff.
  16. EarMedicine

    [SPOILER] Terra's hair

    There really was no reason. Nomura just had to made his hair gray fo Xehanort, Terra's hair would have been gray from the beginning but then it be too obvious.
  17. EarMedicine

    bbs to kh1: how do think wat SE do gamor movie?

    The Answers in the poll do not make sense .. You asked if the next installment in KH franchise will be a movie or a game yet the poll has well ... something else.
  18. EarMedicine

    Quick theory on the silver-haired mystery man

    Why does it have To be Riku . Why can it not be Xehanort, is it because he's on DI. That's no reason for him to be Riku.
  19. EarMedicine

    And That My Fellow KHI friends is IRONY

    Text in the middle is distracting to read. But no one thought of it as" For sure Aqua will die" well I didn't.
  20. EarMedicine

    Secret Boss

    why ? His hair looks nothing like Rikus. While it does look lot like Xehanorts hair .