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    #14s' Demise

    I think she gets killed off. It's a possibilty that it could be Aqua, because her position in the game hasn't been mentioned so far, and there have been nonnew scans with her in them. What about that suit of armor in the basement? (You know, in Radiant Garden, underneath the Tron computer) Has...
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    my essay on vexens voice

    I really like this essay. It's a very rational and logical and serious way to explain something that people might not take seriously or even pay attention to. A+!
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    Organization Possible Spoilers

    Maybe if it was in readable English, it would make sense.
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    *SPOILER*something i noticed in the kh2 intro

    Actually, most of the time a person's hair gets darker when they get older.
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    *SPOILER*something i noticed in the kh2 intro

    Re: something i noticed in the kh2 intro Personally, I think they lightened his hair on purpose. Cause BHK also goes through the whole awakening thing like Sora did, too. I think they are trying to hint to us something. Just my thoughts.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    First off, thanks for the download, I already saw it on google.com, but wasn't able to download it from there. But anyways, so far, I know there are 3 versions of the song, but only 2 available. The "After the Battle" and the "Single" version (which is the one with the piano backing right?)...
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    The little things....

    Well, then again, I never played Final Mix, cause I have USA issue of PS2, so I wouldn't know. So I could be wrong too.
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    The little things....

    No it was't. The opening screen of KH1, that looks anything like thge new art for KH2, he has a fishbone in his mouth.
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    The little things....

    I would think so. It looks like her hand to me.
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    The little things....

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    The little things....

    BUt, the KH2 art was not released at the same time DD was, it was way after.
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    The little things....

    And hbow exactly do you know that? Did you ask Mr. Nomura himself? Just because the picture was released earlier than all this other info does not mean that BHIK and his friends and Twilight Town was not already thought of.
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    The little things....

    IN the KH2 Ultimania translations: "They all love sea salt ice, which the town's famous for. They'll eat at least one a day." (Second caption)
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    The little things....

    It says in one of the scans that Twilight is famous for their ice cream, I just can't remember specifically what it was called. I'll look for the quote.
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    The little things....

    It's a possibility. And then, it just might also point out that Sora does go to Twilight Town.
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    The little things....

    Sorry for double posting, but it wouldn't let me post three pics, but also there is a picture in recent scans, and its also in the KH2 PV clip, a drawing done by Namine of what looks to be Sora and the BHK in his Unkown cloak.
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    The little things....

    I was just browsing through all the scans, and found some little things that were really interesting. I'm sure other people have seen it, and maybe posted about it, so, if someone already has, then just ignore this thread. In one scan, we see BHK and his friends sitting on the Clock Tower (or...
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    BHK friend's name meanings

    Ok, first of all, it's Orette, not Olette. They put an l in there because sometimes the japanese don't always pronounce their r's. Just like Kilala in Inu Yasha. They say her name is Kirara in Japanese. And it's Pints, not Pence. Pints as in a pint of milk, not pence as in sixpence...
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    playstation magazine is stupid!!!

    Sora means sky and Riku means sea. Hence Sora falling out of the sky and Riku being under water in the beginging. I don't think Kiari means anything really. I've searched.
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    Is Riku as blind as we think?

    No I never said it was to heighten his other senses. In fact I think that's ridiculous, But I do know however that it does have signifigance.