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    hey guys help me out here

    i havent been on here in god knows how long. soooo i dont know anything new since kh 2. and i know they made the gameboy version for the ps2. but i dont know anything after that. soo can ya please fill me in on some stuff. thanks alot!!!
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    I HAVENT BEEN on here in forever

    i havent been on these forums in a while. and im still a really big kh fan. soo i have been wondering ..... has there been any news about another kh??? or a release of anything?? or just anything important that i should know about??? thanx soooooooo much!!!!!
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    how come i was just on you tube watching a vid from kh2 final mix. it was the fight between sora and larxene and the command menu was in japenese but when he would heal and stuff he said heal inenglish ??
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    did you know

    haley joel osment was the kid in the sixth sence or was that a different kid ???
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    i havent been here on the site in a while . so have they released any info about kh fm 2 and the u.s. ??? so could you tell me if they did or not. thanx
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    Help Please

    where can i see this new secret movie ??? thanx
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    could anyone awnser me summin ??

    ok well i havent been on here in a while so i was wondering has anything been confirmed for the u.s. ????
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    everyone with a semi new dell compyter has to try this !!!!!

    alright listen up hold in the alt key and the control key and press the down arrow key and check out what happens then do the same thing again but press the up arrow key instead!!! its really cool you have to try it !!!!
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    i wonder ...

    i wonder if any of the kingdom hearts staff reds any of these theorys that everyone has for ideas and stuff what do you think ????
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    hear anything

    hey i havent been here in a while has any info been released about kh2 final mix or com for ps2 thanx P.S. GO EAGLES WERE GONNA DESTROY THE GIANTS SUNDAY YEA E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES !!!!!!!
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    would you do it ???

    is ps3 worth 600 bucks ?? and is camping in the rain for 3 days just to get one worth it ?? because where i live it is pooring rain outside and thunderstorms and tornado warnings ( i live in the north east ) and i heard they were haveing problems with them anyway !! and some people are...
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    im confused !!

    is the org dead cause technically they are already dead cause you cant liive with out a heart so they cant die right cause their already dead right??
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    did any one else notice ???

    that sora can hover with out touching the ground ever
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    Philadelphia Eagles Or Dallas Cowboys ?

    PERSONNALLY IM A EAGLES FAN and i want the eagles to destroy the cowboys even more that id would want them to even if T.O. didnt go to thjem so with the game coming up this sundaay i decided to find out what you guys think??? go eagles!!!
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    Is Kh2 Fm Even Worth Buying ??

    Its Prety Much The Same Game And Within Aweek After Its Released You Can Just Find Out What Its About On Here. So Would You Buy It ?? I Dont Know If I Would Especially If Its 50 Bucks!!!
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    What Exactly Is Kh Final Mix And Kh2 Final Mix??

    Is It Pretty Much Just Like The Original Game Or Is It Pretty Much Awhole Different Game???
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    this is bad

    i just broke my coller bone in half yesterday right before my highschool football season !!! has this ever happened to you?????
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    should i be happy im goin into high school

    i dont know because its gonna be harder and im gonna have 1 hour and 45 minute classe 4 times a day and im gonna be lost for a while and the schools alot bigger and confusing but on the plus side theres gonna be foot ball and alot new people to meet so i dont know if i should be happy or sad???
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    where did sora live ???

    on the island in the first game or the big island in the second game cause in the beginning of kh 1 sora is in his room on the small island but in the kh 2 kirie and the other girl was on the big island with the town looking at the small island so where did they live ??? (yeah !!! 100 th...
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    Huge Discovery!!