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    BBS footage

    Great Find! Thanks a lot! I've got to say that BBS definitely appears to be like a proper KH game on a hand-held with few compromises (if anything it looks like it may be more fun than KH1 and maybe KH2 as well). I've played a couple of good PSP games before but the way Terra was moving seemed...
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    Shion & Sora

    Don't mean to sound ignorant, but where are pictures of Xion/Shion? I haven't seen a single picture of her and yet you are basing a theory on her appearance.
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    Square the new Triangle? (BBS)

    I think its because Square is learning from it's mistakes in KHII, where a person could initiate a Reaction scene and just mash triangle to get through it. In this scan we see Circle being used, which has lead me to the conclusion that it will be like God of War; where it can be any face...
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    Bunch of new Videos from Yours Truly

    For the past 4 days I've been playing Re:CoM and finally finished it (would have been sooner however I had Maths/ Physics Assessment) and I've been recording / uploading the boss battle videos. This is mainly for the people who want to know how the battles play as they cannot import the game...
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    When do I get 'Lethal Frame'

    The stop-attack-attack slieght that freezes someone in time, and then you slash like a mad man, I am unable to find it and in Videos I've seen of people who are just as far as me and they have it. Any help is great, thanks in Advance!
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    Sora's Official Height?

    How do you know that? also you put a VERY dirty image in my head, why did you have to introduce my mind to the gutter?
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    Can someone help me with KH2:FM+ (videos included)

    I've recently obtained KH2:FM+ and started playing it and uploading videos onto youtube. However it seems that no-one on youtube has given me any advice on how to play better (which is something that I ask them to do) and so it seems that I am just making myself look like an idiot (compared to...
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    Something I realized from KHCoM(normal GBA one)

    ...Interesting, though this isn't the right place for it
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    I need help...

    2) Use the Limit form abilities (ie Ragnarok, Strike Raid) and use triangle to pull of the final part of the limit, for every time you finish a limit attack whilst in Limit form, yu gain experience and level up the form)
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    Mushroom XIII

    the mushrooms XIII is non-canon (not part of the story), Naruma (sp) said this a while ago. They are nothing but mini-games.
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    did anyone ordering from yesasia get the game in the mail yet?

    Funny, thats when my orginal FM arrived from playasia, it's been keeping me occupied... kind'a.
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    @gosox: They added in the Zexion battle at DI in Reverse Rebirth @Enigmacy: I think it was more in battle Voice Acting, eg Axel says stuff like 'Fire!' (in japanese though) when doing slieghts. They don't actually talk in cutscenes, the GBA isn't powerful enough to support that much information.
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    Thirteenth Floor, Axel fight.

    change your deck to all high level blizards (and cures, of course) use the enemy card which boosts ICE damage, and spam BLIZZAGA
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    help with Marluxia

    I found Larxene's card worked really well in this battle (no one would ever agree with me on this statement, however) the extra running speed helps in dodging attacks. However the best method is to use the jafar card and spam the 'low level' slieghts (ie, last arcanum, ragnarok) and when Jafar...
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    Silent Scenes have JAPANEASE VOICE-ACTING!!! *Youtube Video for Proof*

    lol, I found the whole 'talking to a dog' thing cute... and disturbing Great find BTW
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    did anyone ordering from yesasia get the game in the mail yet?

    Mine says 'shipped' but I got 6-10 day shipping, so it isn't going to arrive till sometime this week (but it was free shipping, so I can't complain ^_^)
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    what growth abilities are learned from limit form?

    You get dodgeroll as a growth ability, the lag time after the roll decreases as it levels Limit form is leveled up by casting the limits you use in Limit form, ie Sonic rave, strike rave, last arcanum (sp?) and Ragnarok
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    Camera Controls Question

    I am awaiting KH2:FM+ to arrive in the mail and I have been playing KH1FM, whilst playing KH1FM I releasied that the camera controls were AWFUL (little late to the party, I know) compared to KH2. I have just been wondering how Re:CoM handles the camera. So can anyone who has the game tell me...
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    Sorry If this has been asked before, but...

    In KH2:FM, apparantly when you start in Critical you start off with some abilities, can someone tell me what they are (so I'm prepared for when I get my copy this/next week)
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: New Video: KH2:FM+ - Axel Scene in Org. 13 Room see Puck, KH2:FM+ isn't all that bad. I honestly don't know WHY you were complaining, scans showed that the organization would be having a much of conversations (even watch the trailer, they show an org meeting (I mean the 7 minute trailer))...