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    Neo shadow image- 3d modeling(sculpting)

    i'm a modeler/renderer/lighter, and i wanna model a neo shadow to light & render. but i can't find any reference images of one of kh, i know theres the one in the game to look at, but i have to go from my room and back to make sure its right. anyone got a good resolution(size) reference image i...
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    Battles with no abilities

    lol, one thing me and a friend of mine tried was doing some battles with no abilities equipped (not including magic). heres the list of battles we did: 1. the hades cup round 49(final fantasy battle). no abilities, and kingdom key equipped. i used reflect like crazy, and only used a hi-potion...
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    kingdom hearts 2 hiddem model files---preview of some new, yet old heartless.

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2: Hidden Models heres the video,i found it, it has some organisation models, and even some new heartless!!!! these were the ones we saw all those years ago that was supposed to be in the 1000 heartless battle. but the cut it out and just put only two kinda of heart...
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    The knights seem like a family....

    you know when i first say the video and how they all reacted to each other....they seemed like a family...i mean think about it... brown hair man- the dad blue hair woman- the mom light brown haired kid-the son the pieces fit together....they all seem to kinda look alike (it might be nemoras...
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    nemoras characters always look similar-why those knights are not...

    sora, riku, roxas....we all know some character look similar...i belive that they are not coincidences in story...only in art style.... nemoras characters always look similar....its just him...he can't help it....its how he draws....heres proof, dosen't this look like the blue haired girl...
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    X-Dog Blog (All your KH2FM+ Goodness)

    i read you get limit form in twilight town.... EDIT: hey man, are you gonna face sephiroth? I'm curious as to if they added anything to the sephiroth battle or the "showdown of fate". also wanna know if its possible that sephiroth may actually be a challenge?
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    X-Dog Blog (All your KH2FM+ Goodness)

    we'll i won't like playing through the game a whole lot, but then again i only played it twice, once on normal and once on hard. so reading this, if it comes out to the US, then i won't be playing the game over until then. and i will start on critical mode, i'll like the challenge too. and i...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: New Video: KH2:FM+ - Axel Scene in Org. 13 Room no it wasn't stopped, axel just didn't budge and in went into the chair he was sitting in. oh, this scene explains why everyone was so bent on killing roxas, and why axel wanted roxas to respond so bad and didn't want to have to fight him...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: New Video: KH2:FM+ - Axel Scene in Org. 13 Room so that the part that nemora sad he couldn't add voices too....
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    Omg Gamplay Movies Already!!!!!

    i found these on you tube!!!! final mix gameplay!!! YouTube - Kingdom hearts II Final Mix+ Beginning com gameplay!!! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Re:CoM man thats crazy the game isn't even out yet!!!!
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    Omg Wtf Happen To His Hp!!!

    omg his hp is lower!!!! look at his hp to the right, its extremely low! and no bars visible too. and hes targeting(not locked on) to the knight. could they have lowered it and made him harder to hit? thats just plain mean, but its new though. i hope thats true, low hp but hard to hit, thats...
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    only one character can be one we know...

    first off i'll rule out any organization members there are 5 that are impossible, each one were just normal humans. i got this info from the kh2 ansem report 3 the 5 of ansem apprentices are(not including xehanort) Even----Ienzo----Bleig----Dilin----Eleus (names are fact check AR3)...
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    Possible Extended Ending!!!

    hey i recently read the tesuya nomora interveiw. and look what i found in the last scene in the ending, they received a letter from the king. I'm quite curious to what's written in it. I was troubled for a very long time on whether I should show the letter's contents or not, and in the end I...
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    Fanfiction ► Help for another character name, please.

    take a piece of paper a pen and close your eyes clear your mind. then start writing down random letters...it works for me....
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    100% with out the guide!!!
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    The nights color- finding his personality

    The Knights color- finding his personality sorry, i spelled knight wrong lol/ ok so we all know about this scan: and we all see the knights possibly funny colors. but square didn't choose these colors for no reason. in every game they make they always take color into meaning. like heres an...
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    oh man thats messed up, but the thing is i would have kept it in. why? because the game got teen anyway! because of 2 things that were not in the game, blood and alcohol lol. if it had those things it would still be teen lol.
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    oh yeah, i read about translations before...its a complicated process. i can totally understand that, one thing can mean something in japan but here it could be offensive or anarchist(seriously!!! i read that before). but is there something else?
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    accept for kh:com lol, i forgot about that, my bad lol. puck: they did? like what? i never saw a difference...
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    My theory of why NOT KH2:FM+ will come

    dude there is literally not reason for F:M not to come here, there is no "were sorry japan that America got some new stuff" everything was the same in both versions. both versions got the one extra boss fight sephiroth, that is only cool until you beat him, then the coolness turns to suck...