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    I've only seen like a few episodes, but its cool, what do you people think?
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    Pirates of the Caribbean?

    When i found out i was like WHAT THE F*** >< i think they shouldn't have put pirates of the caribbean even my bro thinks so too
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    Riviera: The Promised land

    have any of you people played Riviera? is it worth getting?
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    Is it true?

    thats what i heard but who knows
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    yeah Tsubasa is one of my fav's and i just found out they're makeing an anime version. THATS AWSOME!!
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    Ceres Celestial legend

    Any of you people heard of this anime? if so what did you think of it?
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    Chrono Crusade

    ay, i kind of just found out about this anime a few days ago, but i'm crazy about it just want to know if any one knows it and what u think about it ;)
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    Who's ur fav villan?

    In a Nintendo Power of my brother's, i found the best villan chosen was the dude from Lord of the Rings the Third Age. Who do you think is the best?
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    Defeating Riku Replica II in Reverse Rebirth

    Riku Replica was easy when i fought him i was around level 37 maybe
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    Wow o_o

    I'm not new but, this whole thing changed and all my stuff are gone-_-;