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    riku or sora

    i think riku is cooler in the beginning but they r equally cool at the end
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    id choose twilight
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    The most stupid looking heartless

    i think the most stupid looking heartless is the search ghost
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    What Made You Buy Kingdom Hearts!?

    all my friends were playing it then i got 2 play it and it was better than any other game i had so i went out and bought it
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    whats your fav. thing to do on kh

    my 2 favorite things 2 do r beating the coliseum cups and playing jungle slider
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    Ages of players

    i started playing it at age 10 and im 13 now
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    i think the best lookin keyblade was the lionheart
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    lucid gem x5, power gem x5, thunder gem x5, mystery goo x3, gale x3 how much exp do u get 4 beating ansem?
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    Who bought the Kingdom Hearts Strategy Guide?

    i bought 4 $10 but it turns out i didnt really need it
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    no they r original
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    Beast attacking Sora and company?

    beast is tempted 2 go 2 the evil side by the beast side of his heart and by other evil people like hades but latr sora&co help him 2 turn good again
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    Do you think Squall could take Ansem?

    the squall from kh would lose cuz the makers made him 2 weak but the squall from ff would easily take ansem out
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    Them Bones, them bones, them dead bones

    they r all dead and alive dont think about it 2 much or u wil give yourself a headache
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    Simba - Opinions

    simba is the best sully isnt worth puttin on the game
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    Level before leaving Destiny Islands.

    i leave quick like around lvl 2-4 and just beat darkside and leon 2 gain a level or 2
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    dream sword

    your right kbmaster i think that the ultima weapon is just an enhanced version of the dream sword
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    Too few accessory slots ?

    i think the reason your friend got so many accesory sloughts is cuz he chose a certain item and gave up a certain item in the beginning of the game i dont think he used cheats or a gameshark
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    What part of KH did you enjoy playing the most?

    i like playing any of the tournements
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    riku and the orginization

    i think they r just wearing cloaks it doesn't mean they r with the organization they might be spying although i doubt it besides they could b wearing cloaks 2 hide their identity
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    expert mode

    i like it alot better 4 some reason i have always done everything perfect while playing on expert