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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Surpasses One Million Copies Shiped in North America!

    Im guessing that KH2 will soon become a Greatest Hit....just like the first one
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    How could Kairi have a nobody?

    Hey i just noticed (and dont flame me for saying that) that Kairi never turned into a heartless so how could she have a nobody? Because a nobody is created when a heartless is formed right? and since Sora turned into a heartless once he has a nobody(Roxas). But Kairi has a nobody(Namine) and she...
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    Jesse McCrtney in KH2?

    U mean Haley Joel Osment.....I've known that ever since i beat KH1....He playes Sora in KH1 too...and David Gallagher playes Riku.....and Hayden Panitierre (is that how u spell it?) playes Kairi
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    Jesse McCrtney in KH2?

    Oh really......oh well then...hmm....well i dont come on the forums very often and i just beat the game yesterday so you can't blame me
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    Jesse McCrtney in KH2?

    I just beat the game yesterday and in the ending credits it says who did the voices of who in the game and the voice of Roxas is actually played by Jesse McCartney. Edit: Oh yeah and do u know Will Fridelle? Well he did the voice of Seifer. Edit: whoops, mispelled McCartney in the title.
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    That one online radio station.....

    umm....theres this online radio station that plays japanese music like the songs from FMA and KH and i wanna know what that radio station is and i know some of you guys now what i'm talking about bcuzz someone on this forum told me about the website in the chat a long time ago, so if any of you...
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    My 600th Post!!!!

    MY ^))TH POST DUDES AND DUDETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoops accidentally hels shift down.....MY 600TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A stupid video starring.....ME!!!!

    Check out this stupid video that i made! Damn my head still hurts from that! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X3tZFbwI5I
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    kh2 for the psp

    yeah i think it would be awesome if they made a KH2 for PSP!
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    Need a NA gamesite to preorder KH2 off

    yeah, i pre-ordered it on http://www.gamestop.com or you could try http://www.walmart.com
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    Kairi, or Namine?

    kairi is prettier, i think.......i could take her home right now (wink wink) XD
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    Simple and Clean backwards

    its scary the first time you listen to it.....i almost had a heart attack from watching that!
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    Simple and Clean backwards

    LMAO if Utada came out of my CD player i'd take her in my room and do some stuff *wink wink* dude theres this really scary Jingle Bells backwards song...omg its scary http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=39136 click the link in the third post....omg its scary...
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    funny KH2 video

    roflmfao that was funny s hell!
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    and for all you morons who are going to try and argue this by saying SE said it was E10, SE doesnt decide the ratings!!!
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    its actually rated T go to http://www.esrb.com and search for Kingdom Hearts 2....its rated T
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    wats the patch?
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    actually it rocks that its rated T......and i agree with ESRB because there the ones who make the rating, not SE
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    Kh2 realsed on 30th not 28th.....

    i pre ordered it so if it comes out on the 28 or the 30 i dont care im getting it anyway.....but how much would it suck if we had to wait a whole other year for it to come out?
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    T for Teen (no spoilers)

    im 12 and i can play M rated games, my parents dont care.... they also let me watch south park