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    NA release date?

    It took them close to 6 months to localize Dissidia, and this game is even bigger. My guess is sometime in august, unless theyre really cranking it out. If thats the case hold on to your hats for some funny engrish.
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    bbs sad ending

    I'm pretty sure Vanitas will die... There's that scene in the Jump trailer where Aqua touches his helmet and then draws away quickly with a look of shock on her face, and there's this creepy laughter in the background...ugh, that kid is gonna provide more nightmare fuel than Xion, Re:CoM and the...
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    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Partial Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) ZOMG Axel and Saix as kids!! So will this game cover their loss of heart, or are they just kind of there? I wonder if we'll get to see Marluxia and Larxene as full beings as well.
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    Re: The Best Final Stage (MAJOR SPOILERS) TWTNW is just such a cool place! It would have been better if all the buildings in the dark city were explorable, or at least explained to some degree (What the fuck was with the semi-truck accident in front of the skyscraper anyway?). The levels of...
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    Ven, Aqua, Terra's Future

    Terra give into the darkness and accidentally kills Aqua in a fit of rage because she killed Ven after he went batshit insane. Terra then exiles himself to the realm of darkness to forever brood over his dead friends. Exposition to KH3, anyone?
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    Final Boss Stage

    I like this idea. Then she loses horribly and dies in Terra's arms, then later her armor is picked up by Xemnas. An even sadder ending than Crisis Core!
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    Kingdom Hearts SRPG

    I've been playing A LOT of Disgaea lately, and now I think that KH should have an SRPG added to its series. Sp here's my idea: First off, the central headquarters would probably be Radiant Garden (for the main story at least). From here, you would be able to access other worlds, buy equipment...
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    Zack's VA as Terra's seems to fit perfectly. I recall after Terra's first face shot came out people at the FFWiki were gaping at how much they looked alike, so I guess Square decided to make us all happy! :lol:
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    Xeanhort's Heartless (The final boss of KH1) scares me. A lot.

    Ansem from KH1 is a Heartless. Throughout the game, Heartless are portrayed as stupid creatures that operate on base instinct and orders. But this guy is SMART. He can talk, write, and convince young boys to let him enter their bodies (tee-hee!). What does everyone else think of him?
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    Hopefully it gets less awkward after this...

    0_0 Well I'm a new user here...so...hi...? I'm a big fan of KH, I've beaten I and II, but not CoM and I just got Days so it could be a little bit before I beat that. What I'm really looking forward to is BBS. It just looks so cool. Aside from KH, I consider my self to be pretty well rounded...