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    cards in KH2

    Just because it looks like a card doesn mean there is and if you see the trailors you would see that you dont use card and the looks more like a letter.
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    I think I know when KH2 is coming out.

    It might come out then but if it doesnt it will probebley come out in december.
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    I think I know when KH2 is coming out.

    Me too i heard it from someone called cody shepard.(you wouldnt know him)
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    i need help with this.

    i found these ikingdom hearts 2 video things but i cant get them in my signature. hjow do i do that?
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    kh2 characters

    look at the link that is in my signature it will tell you.
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    New world in kingdom hearts 2

    That looks cool i wonder what its going to be like..ohhh i cant wait.
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    Oh really. WOPOT WOOT $10 more dollars and i have allmost enought .
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    AAWWWWWWWW im trying to save up my mula and i had $150 so i spent it on like 2 games because i thought it was coming out in december but now i dont know when its coming out so now im mad and then now i only have 36 dollars..man i feel jealous but really the new game like san adreas that game...
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    Gummi Ships

    Can you show me the trailor you got it off of and can you tell me how to make a little video in my signature like you did.
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    Your own keyblade in KH2.

    Ya and i wonder what it would look like but that wouild be cool if you can make it on your own like you put the colors on.
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    Is there going to be the 101 dalamations.

    In the KH2 game is there going to be the 101 dalamations in it? and can you fight seperoth?
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    Your own keyblade in KH2.

    I found out that in KH2 you can make your own custom keyblade.like in the first one you can sinthinsize(sp) things. And there is a item in every world in the KH2 game. if you get them all you can makie your own custom keyblade.I would show you the site but i lost it.
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    An ultimate guide for KH2!

    The hooded dudes that i said before(the names) are trying to kill sora i think..
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    An ultimate guide for KH2!

    The hooded guys are axel, vexen, zexion, lexaeus. But they added another one he might be the last boss..The red hooded guy is i think ansem you will probebley have to fight him again althought he help riku in COM at the end. uhh the unknown people i dont know about them but the character linik...
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    A question that would make us al think!

    Thnx.Now i see what he meant...but that is a pointless comment.
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    kh2 finil boss????

    It probebley is going to be somone from the organization because they added a new person that wasnt in the Chain of Memorys so that might be the bost.And i dont know the name but he was cool.