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    What is the most amazing move in CoM?

    i havent completed the game yet but the one i like so fat is ragnorak - i think that sis how you spell it. its great to use when you want to get rid of loads of heartless at the same time :)
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    Who are you most like?

    i recoken im a bit of sora and riku
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    I think i found out sumthin good about the unknowns

    her name is larxene and i swear she wont be in kh2 bcoz of what happened in com!? maybe im wrong!?
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    Kiaris new look

    she doesnt look like kairi to me.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    flippen eck i just read this whole thread! some people can really lie!
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    is king mickey playable

    why would u want to play as mickey? that just doesnt really appeal to me! whereas the bhk, yeah i want to play that character
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    Utada Hikaru - New Song?

    i thought she was, i think someone told me she was. im not sure, i forgot or that person could have been lying. heres a thought...they may even use the same song!
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    Kh2 info.

    dotn worry about it!
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    he is hard when you first fight him! but after that hes a piece of cake :)
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    What Sora has become

    for a minute there i actually thouhgt that there was another FM. don't scare me like that again!
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    ouch now that is painful!! what level is sora at? did you put elixirs in ALL your item slots?
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    kingdom hearts 2 possible releases

    not another realase date thread. flippen eck! let it lie for once!
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    Summons for KH2

    no not bahamut, that thing was every where in kh! cereberus would be cool thorugh!
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    Do you think they have a final mix for kh2

    i wouldnt be surprised if there was kh2:FM. but it would be very unfair, seeing that kingdom hearts has a worldwide fanbase. ...lets hope it would be about the money, because then they would be more likely to release (if they do) in other places, not just japan!