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    New clothing for KH characters? And do you think all wielder characters will be playable?

    So there are probably already too many of these posts out there, I didn't really look to much. I specifically wanted to know why so far no ones clothes have changed? I'm worried about it actually I mean sora's clothes changed because he grew up a little right? Well I hear they are kinda getting...
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    Need some info on Shiro Amano KH manga series

    Sorry wasn't sure where to post this but I was getting ready to purchase the English version of all five novels of the kingdom hearts 358\2 days book series. The manga sort. But I can't find volume 4 or 5 available anywhere on any online bookstore so I am wondering are they even available yet?
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    I'm mad...

    I hate it when they change the game system. I mean if the 3 kingdom hearts is actually gunna be on ps3 what am I gunna do? Why bother to change it? I mean the first two where on it. But then he did have chain of memories which was on gameboy advance. I was ticked off about that because I had to...
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    ~Vampire rp~ Behind the Mask

    Name: Sanity Age:18 Costume:Is wearing black knee high boots, black and white striped high thigh stockings, a classy black dress, a black and white stripped tophat with a black rose on the side, (She might not be wearing it all the time.) long black lacey arm sleeves, she has semi long semi...
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    The World Between

    Well yes...this is a kingdom hearts rp...and I need someone to play some of the same characters...at least sora and riku...and yes...I am allowing anyone, thats, ANYONE, from the organization. Only! If you go along with what their personality actually is...well then let us begin then...The story...
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    I need help with the Final Form.

    Ok, something I never thought I would need to do but I need to level up on my Final Form. How do I do that? I am trying to finish Jiminies Journal and I need to complete the things in Twilight Town. Pretty much all I have left is the Poster Duty. Its hard to do because I dont think I have High...
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    I have a question about anyone who has seen the new Alexander the Great!

    OK it was out not tooooo long ago. I was wondering to those who might have seen it. I wasnt aloud to watch it,so can someone tell me the name of his horse and what it meant? I thought it was cool, but I cant remember what it was. And I only saw that one part. So anyone that can help can you...
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    100 acre wood

    K well, I need help on what to do with Tigger. Do I talk to him somehow? Cuz this is my first time playing and I've had to start over so many times. So im gunna get this time right. Can you tell me how to talk to him or if I even am suppose to. It would be great to have your help. Please and...
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    Destiny Islands

    Hello. Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot but anyways, this is a story about some other kids that live on Destiny Islands not just sora kairi and riku ect. So I thought I would tell their story about when they lived on Destiny Islands and what happend to them after the storm. Rules 1:No...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    yay.I first rented it at blockbuster on april fools day.Then i bought it after that and beat it on april 14.I think at 12:14.It was ironic.I beat the first one on Nov.12 8:20pm.The best night of my life.