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    please agree with me...

    is it just me or are soras new clothes for the tron world unbelievably cool looking. i mean im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the tron costume is even cooler than the one worn in halloween town and we all know how cool that one is, am i right? post your thoughts and opinions...
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    cover art in trailer

    have u guys checked it out yet? wierd huh?
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    insanes a good way to put it... jk
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    cover art in trailer

    i noticed as i was analyzing the trailer that when the BHK slides off the awakening pillar, during the bhk gameplay section, the art where one of the seven princesses of heart should be there is a picture that looks a lot like this... http://krazygamers.com/boxart_images/kh2.jpg it might...
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    english trailer

    i just wanna hear the voices of the new characters in english
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    english trailer

    i was wondering if anybody knew if they would be coming out with a trailer for kh2 in english fairly soon (within the next month or two), or at least an official site in english. that would be pretty cool if they did.
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    personally i think that what nomura means by this is that once mickey stops "evading" sora and the gang (you see him jump away after he kills all the dusk in TT) and joins up wit them, he will reveal a lot of the organization secrets along with much of the plot of the story
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    Other sides, Other stories...

    i dont believe that travers is the other side of tt it was just a thought
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    Other sides, Other stories...

    what if just like how soras heart has another side so do worlds. take disney castle for example it has been said that steam boat willie is the other side of disney castle. what if every world (new and old) had some kind of portal that would take you to the other side of that world. and the...
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    XIIIth Orginization

    holy crap! PSM had kh2 on the cover?!?!?!?!? what month was the issue?!?!?!?
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    not deep dive

    now every body does know that the deep dive world is most likely not going to be called "deep dive." my reason being that first of all deep dive is a pretty stupid name for a world (it is a cool name for anything else just not a world), second i think that deep dive was just a name for what...
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    ok thank you
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    hello, i have been hearing alot about a character in kh2 known as seifer and i have no idea who this is. if he is a new character made solely for kh2 then disregard this thread but if he is a final fantasy character then he is probably from one of the games that i did not play so would someone...
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    How does BHK dual-weild?

    i already touched this idea in my own thread and i got flamed for it so dont even try to tell people about this stuff they dont wanna hear anything about sharing or borrowing keyblades.
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    where is sora's second keyblade comin' from?

    i have a theory that just might answer the question that is in the title. i have often wondered, is sora just pullin' a second keyblade out of his butt, or is he getting it from somewhere/someone else? well we all know that there are three keyblades, and if you dont then i shall explain it to...
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    if u could...

    i do know because i happen to be making one.
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    Sora's new looks theory

    i completely agree.
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    blue drive....

    oh ok sorry i must have misread.
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    Sora growin levels

    i dont think so because in some screen shots you can see that he has a very small amount of HP. It was most likely just for the demo
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    Sora's new looks theory

    also you can see in the Jump Festa trailer that he will be wearing his same old halloween costume again for KH2 EDIT:sorry to copy forgot to refresh