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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I remember I heard a fanmade Frollo boss theme for Kingdom Hearts. It sounded so amazing I wanted to fight him right then and there. Search up Kingdom Hearts Hellfire on Youtube, it is amazing, a battle rendition of the...
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    The nature of the X-blade theory

    Alright, so I was at work and thinking, something about the X-blade doesn't really make a ton of sense, with what we know so far. What is that you ask? The X-blade is the counterpart and guardian to Kingdom Hearts. But, we know the X-blade is a perfect union of light and darkness. And it exists...
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    Why does everyone call the Lingering Sentiment the Lingering Will.

    That was it, I was like dang it I remember something about Lingering Will or something about Will mentioned in BbS but couldn't remember what it was.
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    Well what I meant was its construction was artificial but its nature is more in line with the true Kingdom Hearts, but yeah you are right.
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    LOL, I read your quote of that Anagram, then I forgot where I saw it. Sorry sorry, I work night shift, and its almost time for me to sleep, so I may be a lil sleeping with my eyes open. Right right, so arguably the only thing closest to the true Kingdom Hearts was in fact the one in BbS, if we...
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    Oh it was confirmed? Woohoo. It fits in nicely so I was alright to just call it canon, but it actually being canon is awesome. So.... If the Kingdom Hearts of Worlds is the one behind the DtD... And Ansem made it by stealing hearts of worlds and using the final keyhole, doesn't that make it...
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    Yeah, and I mean arguably only the Xemnas fight was canon. Lingering Will and Young Xehanort are never brought up again, and seem to only serve as easter eggs for future releases. Although someone had the theory that is how MX knew the rules of time travel. His younger self tried to kill...
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    If I can help it I wanna lurk around and post here, I have been out of KH for too long. I randomly read that body hopping thing and needing Kingdom Hearts, I brought up here knowing full well it could be BS, since I have seen crap that wasn't true as well. I still hear people say No Heart is...
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    I had been wondering if that was the case, that is to say, when Ventus and Vanitas were near each other, with hearts of equal strength more or less, Kingdom Hearts would be emerge, or at least partially emerge. And on Kingdom Hearts making it easier for body hopping, I agree, I randomly read...
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    Summoning Kingdom Hearts?

    Okay, so here is my question. I wrote an a long block of text, and thought bleh I need to find a way to make this shorter, no one is going to read this. So apologies if I run on, Kingdom Hearts has been one of my fav series growing up, Kingdom Hearts 3 is like an ending to my childhood...
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    Confusing story tidbit

    I have no idea if this is the right place to put this, but it has been bugging me majorly and I have looked and looked and found no information concerning this. Love Kingdom Hearts, I have made it my mission to know essentially its entire story through and through. But I am running into one...