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    Organization 13

    Mine has to be Xigbar, Vexen and Demyx. Luxord and Marluxia are pretty close to being in my favorites too. Haha I love Xaldin as well.
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    Has Vexen ever gotten the love he deserved?

    Vexen is definitely one of my favorites! :> I love his voice lol
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    Demnyx is modeled after...

    I like to think that his physical features were modeled after the guy on the left. Unlikely, but there sure is a resemblance there. However, you have a bit of a point with Zell. I don't know much about the personality, but there is a bit of a resemblance. However, like many have said, Nomura...
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    Org. XIII past

    Dear Diary, My mommy beat me as a child, and daddy video taped me in the shower. -Axel Like the secret Ansem Reports, only better. All joking aside, I think it would be a complete waste NOT to show at least SOME of their pasts. If not in "reports", then maybe in conversation. (Though I...
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    ur org. name

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    358/2 Days: Possible Missions

    If the game was more about Organization XIII than Roxas, and the timeline of it stretched back further, it would be kinda cool to go on recruiting missions. (like one or two earlier members going out to recruit say...Luxord or Larxene) However, in the way it is now? It would make sense if there...
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    "XION" and Ze"XION"

    Um...I'm going to restrain from flaming, but... no. I'm sorry, but no. Sure, they look kind of the same, but so does Zack from Crisis Core and Axel from KH. It's already been proven that Xion looks and talks like Kairi, and I'm PRETTY sure that Nomura wouldn't have done that for the lulz. So...
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    Days Halloween Town Question

    If anything, I've noticed that Nomura is prone to giving out heaps and heaps of fanservice in his games, a prime example being in Crisis Core when Zack goes on vacation and fights enemies shirtless with a giant umbrella. So, it would make sense in that aspect to have them in some form of...
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    Days Halloween Town Question

    I always thought of Xigbar as a sort of zombie mummy...thing. Like, lots of bandages, detached arm (lol rayman status..only..not. : | ) and probably something awesome going on with his patched eye. As for Roxas... it would make sense, but they would probably want to make an original design...
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    Days Halloween Town Question

    So in RK's TGS report, he says that Roxas and Xigbar visit Halloween town. Do they have a Halloween town form, or do they remain in their usual Org. Uniform?
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    Riku Replica...Nobody?

    Replica. REP.LIC.A. Vexen cloned him. NO.
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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I found Kingdom Hearts two on my fourteenth or fifteenth birthday while I was in Wallmart, and I thought it looked kind of interesting. I played it and instantly fell in love. XD I had played a bit of the first one when I was eleven, but I was only borrowing it and had to give it back after I...
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    org... bad guys?

    :|.. lol. You're probably only saying that because you didn't understand half of what was said. About the topic, I agree with Grace Assassin.
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    Xigbar in BBS

    God I hope so. I was actually thinking about this same thing yesterday, and it would make sense for him and the other five apprentices to be in it, if only near the end. *crosses fingers*
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    the Nobody cards

    Huh, I've never really noticed that before. When I get my game back I'll deffinantly look out for that. Kudos for discovering that <3
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    Luxord cool but a loser

    I found his battle to be really disappointing, at least in the "utilizing his powers" aspect of it. However, I absolutely adore his character and design.
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    Original Org. member's names.

    This isn't much, but I always assumed that Demyx's Somebodies' name would be "Myde", pronounced "Midi". (as in Musical Instrument Digital Interface) But that's just my opinion
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    Waste of Time

    I've been working on it out of sheer boredom..and I THINK I have like...70-80 percent on them.
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    Who here still plays this game?

    I play it way more than I'm willing to admit. >3>
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    Ugh Fat Bandits and Air Soldiers. :|