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    Is Coded canceled?

    What the title says, I've been off to all KH stuff for a (long) while, so I'm kinda lost, I heard Coded would be canceled because Square-Enix had broken with the company responsible for the PSPhone production. I want to know whether this is truth or only a rumor (or whether I'm the only one who...
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    I’ve seen in another forum a cool “game” that actually is a quiz concerning all about (and I mean anything at all) games. The games happens this way: 1) someone makes any question about any game at all for any console (from the old Ness ‘till PS3, PC and portable are also include); 2) the other...
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    Soul, help nedeed

    Not exactly. The heartless are darkness made real from hearts only, the darkness creates the heartless' bodies. Soul most probably is the very thing that gives conscience for beings. Like this: Heartless don't have souls, consequently they act only by instinct, while Nobodies are body and SOUL...
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    I think you are at a very good level to fight him. For example, I beat him at level 54 once. But it also depends what difficult you are playing, but nevertheless 60 is a good enough level to finish the game.
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Vexen data battle. He and the Anti Form are both hard AND annoying.
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    Is it possible to get the Red Trinity in Halloween Town after deafeating Oogie?

    There is a red Trinith an the Oggie's "tower" in the first floor (the room after the bridge). The Trinith, if I'm not wrong, is in front of a green door. You MUST get that even before fighting Lock, Shock and Barrel (for some reason the Trinith disappears after fighting them, so get it before...
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    Naminé in Sunset Hill

    ^Everyone who never played final mix and those who doesn't understand japanese, also a good video for those who didn't even know about this scene.
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    Naminé in Sunset Hill

    I found the video Naminé in Sunset Hill everyone was looking for. Here it is YouTube - KH2:FM+ - New Scene - Naminé on sunset hill (Subbed) I'm sorry it isn't voice acted but all the video about that scene are non voice acted. Nevertheless enjoy:thumbsup:.
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    Help Needed ...

    Did you look for in those corridors?? Maybe sunset hill.
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    'An old friend'

    What you said + only Xemnas would know the password and we hear a memory a flashback of Ansem talking to Xemnas.
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    Is this possible???

    ^I remember this fight, but I was meaning Roxas VS Riku in TWTNW (the fight in the video I posted).
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    Is this possible???

    Hi! I was looking at youtube for KH2 FM+ and found this video YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II - Roxas Vs. Riku . Most probably is a hack, but if it's not how can we fight Riku??? Nevertheless it's a cool video but I hope we can get to fight him really (I know it's probably a hack but...). Well tell...
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    Cutscene without Sora's voice...

    Well it was supposed that Mickey wouldn't listen to them so no voices. About the Japanese version I think it has voices because the lips moves exactly the same way, so they had to put voices so the japs would understand what Sora was saying (even tough the circumstances and Sora's face was self...
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    what happens when a nobody gets a body

    ^They certainly get happy once now they can feel and truly exist. But more than that I think they are completely forgot about their lives as Nobodies otherwise Sora and Kairi would remember all when they were Roxas and Naminé, but still they can somehow "wake up" some memories once lost by their...
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    ven's broken keyblade

    Maybe his keyblade isn't complete or a real keyblade (I totally don't believe that's the case), so I'll bet it was the ice because parts of his armor also breaks and it's the first time we see a keyblade breaking because never had any situation like Ven's during the KH games thus far what makes...
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    Other 'Birth by Sleep' Thoughts

    I though (and posted) something just like it not long ago, so I agree with you.:thumbup: hmmm.... That's a good idea.:thumbsup:
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    You beat KH2 with just the kingdom key;no drive forms through the whole game

    I did once finished the game using Drive Forms only in cups and when I needed otherwise I would die, but at the same time I didn't use any item, equip or magic on hard mode (I hadn't FM+).
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    How Do You Unlock Behemut?

    It's been said many times it was just a lie (or call it the way you want).
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    Thanks for that, even tough I already knew. But nevertheless I though we could get golden crow in every single difficult level. I still don't have it because I can't find the Mushroom I, I know where he is supposed to be (The World That Never Was) but still he won't appear. I wonder whether it...
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    kH bbs secret trailer

    That was no secret end that was something like a scene after credits not a secret end, most like the scene in KH where we see Sora, Donald and Goofy walking in that woods (or whatever that place is) and in KH II when RSK gets the letter from Mickey.